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Burgundy Ice rose
Burgundy Ice rose
Burgundy Ice rose
Burgundy Ice rose

Burgundy Ice

Full Height
3ft - 4ft
Floribunda Rose
Also known as

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Burgundy Ice Rose

Burgundy Ice is a stunning floribunda rose that really stands out from the crowd. Its beautifully dark, plum coloured blooms have velvety textured petals produced in clusters throughout the season.
It is a coloured version of the well-known Iceberg rose. Bred in Australia in 1998 but not introduced into the UK until 2005.
The rich plum purple flowers have touches of pink and even silver. Its beautiful colouring and delightful fragrance make the Burgundy Ice rose a popular choice. Dead-head regularly and you will have flowers all summer.
Lovely glossy green foliage with few thorns on this purple rose. Good disease resistance.

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