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Flower Carpet Gold

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Ground Cover Rose
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Winner Of Over 25 Gold And International Rose Awards.
Often called the 'Wonder Rose' the Flower Carpet Ground Cover Roses are some of the most popular roses available in the world today. This is because of their long flowering period, easy care, exceptional disease resistance, and their great drought tolerance.
A well grown two to three year old plant can provide up to, and over, 1,000 blooms per bush. Over thirty five years of breeding by the German rose breeders Noack has gone into the development of these disease free, drought tolerant,
easy care, free flowering beauties.
Great planted en masse in the garden, or as a specimen rose. Looks fantastic in a large tub or in a long hanging basket as the blooms cascade to the ground.
A true easy care Ground Cover Rose, which both gardeners and professional landscapers will find simple to grow and easy to maintain and requires little or no spraying. Simply cut back to a third of size in the early spring.

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