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Paul's Himalayan Musk
Paul's Himalayan Musk
Paul's Himalayan Musk
Paul's Himalayan Musk
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Paul's Himalayan Musk

Full Height
up to 40ft
Rambling Rose
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Paul's Himalayan Musk is an extremely rampant rambling rose, its huge drooping clusters of double lilac pink small flowers are an amazing sight when in full bloom. This rose is an under rated rambler which should really be more widely known as it is very easy to grow, is a beautiful colour and has a superb perfume.

Its open blooms make it a bee friendly rose. Only summer flowering and whilst it doesn't repeat it is well worth a place in any rose lover's garden for the few weeks of pure joy.

Looks absolutely glorious scrambling up through a tree. Also great up a wall and will even cope with a North wall aspect and shade. Suitable for all soil types, even poorer soils.

Paul's Himalayan Musk rose is a vigorous climber that can reach heights of up to 40ft! Its foliage is a beautiful sea green colour with good disease resistance.

Awards Won: Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit 1993.

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