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Naming a new rose is often a very expensive procedure and well out of the price range of most people. However you can now name a single rose bush for a loved one at a reasonable price and give them a once in a lifetime gift. We have Several unnamed roses in stock (some of these colours sell out towards the end of Summer, with more stock arriving in the Autumn) for which you can now choose any name you wish providing it is not already a rose name in use.
Our Unnamed Rose Bushes are beautiful new Floribundas which are covered in superb colourful blooms all summer long. They are delightful little roses with the added bonus of having lovely perfumes which makes them the ideal roses for cutting. They grow to be around 2-3ft and will be quite at home in the garden or a container.
If the new owner of your Rose Bush is not an experienced gardener, not to worry, as we include our Rose Care Leaflet with each rose. Your Personalised Rose Bush comes gift wrapped with a colourful printed label with a picture of the rose, plus the name of your choice. In addition each rose is supplied with a Certificate stating that the rose bush has been personally chosen and named for the recipient. We also include a greeting card with your personal message.
Once you have chosen a name for your Rose Bush it can be delivered by carrier in a minimum of approximately 24hrs, or for your chosen delivery date.
Each Rose Bush is potted in a special Rose Pot and packed in a strong container to ensure that it arrives in pristine condition. A living Rose Bush is far better value than a bunch of flowers which may only last a few days. A Rose Bush will last for many years and give far more enjoyment.



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