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Journal of a rose gardener...Weeds..tearoom..shows 07/07/16

We are continuing planting the pond margins, but first there is a great deal of weeding to be done. With the regular cycle of rain and sun plants are growing rapidly.


Particular problem weeds are Willowherb and Dock. Whilst Rosebay Willow Herb (Chamerion angustifolium) is an attractive plant with pink flowers, its ability to spread through any environment and seed rapidly make it quite invasive and a serious competitor to cultivated plants.

It is resistant to most herbicides. Ensure that flowers are cut off before seed heads are produced. Dig out and destroy the plant. Do not place it on the compost heap as it will take over.

Dock (Rumex Crispus) has coarse leave sand spreads from seed produced by tiny brown flowers. It has deep branching tap roots which need to be dug out carefully. Any remaining root, however small, will regrow. Some gardeners may use a herbicide here, but we prefer to dig by hand given the proximity to the water course. 


The roses have been blooming for weeks on end and have been looking absolutely fantastic. In the beds we have been deadheading the roses to prevent them from forming hips, which would divert the energy from flower production. We cut, with clean secateurs, the flower and stem down to the first leaf junction. Not all roses are capable of repeat flowering, for example some of the older shrubs and ramblers. You may leave the heads on to form hips for winter interest or cut them off to neaten the plant up.


The tearoom ladies have been busy preparing food for the many hungry customers!

Our homemade cakes and scones are proving to be as popular as ever! This week we have had Victoria sponge, a real classic, Blackcurrant Bakewell sponge, Blueberry & Lime cake, Gluten Free Raspberry and Redcurrant slices to name just a few!

As always we are serving hot and cold meals, light bites and delicious home made soups.


Jack is busy preparing for our display at the Shrewsbury Flower show, nail biting stuff!  

But before then we will be at the Wem Vehicles Of Interest Show on 17th July. We will be holding a stall selling roses, herbs, perennials and garden care products.

Advice given freely.

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