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This Week at the Nursery - 08/11/2015

The past couple of weeks at the nursery have been extremely hectic!

With winter now upon us, and with it the new rose season, the nursery has been bustling with activity. John and the gang have been busy outside cleaning up the nursery, and cutting back the roses we currently have in stock, getting ready for the arrival of the new stock to be potted up. Meanwhile, we've been trying to tackle the seasons by attempting to keep the paths clear from leaves, but as you get to one end of the nursery, you need to start raking back at the start!


Meanwhile, in the tea room kitchen, Caroline is hard at work perfecting her delicious Orange and Amaretto Mince Pies, ready for Christmas, and baking a fantastic Ginger Cake with Orange Drizzle Icing!


And of course, the biggest change these past few weeks has been our pond! Once a proud centrepiece of a field full of horses, over the past years, the pond had slowly been overtaken by plants and weeds, covered at one end by trees, and a bit of an eyesore. Earlier this year, the end of the pond covered by trees was cleared, and last month, the diggers moved in to clear out the rest of the pond. Take a look at the before and after shots below!


With the recent rains, the pond is filling up nicely again, and we look forward to having it restored to its rightful place as a beautiful centrepiece to our stunning nursery, surrounded by beautiful roses.

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