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This Week at the Nursery 25/01/2016

The Rabbit fence is being erected as we speak and plans to open out the view through the garden centre are under way. Ron our trusty handy man has been working away all morning cutting back and digging out an Aucuba. We don't like to kill off and remove plants and this was undertaken after careful consideration. It had outgrown it's spot, it was impacting on the growth of a number of other plants and was generally making a nuisance of itself.   


The spring bulbs that we mentioned in the last blog have now been brought out of the tunnel. Within a matter of days they began to spring open and are showing off, proud as punch!  Here are the Iris reticulata 'Blue Note' looking positively bejewelled after a light shower of rain.


The crocus and narcissus are yet to open but they are beginning to send up flowers now so it shouldn't be too far behind. We have heard there are many plants blooming out of season right across the country. We would be very interested to hear about any that you have spotted and photos would be great too!

Since starting this blog Ron has already completed digging out the Aucuba and has prepared and faced the bed. As you can see it has really opened the site out and exposed the twisted hazel giving it more room to grow. Now what to plant in it's place?


Valentines Day is just around the corner and we have been putting together a great selection of named roses suitable for gifts. Show your dearest how much they mean to you and send them a rose! You can browse the Valentines Roses by following this link


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