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Aug 24 • 2016 • catmintcompanion plantsgiraniumrose bordersrose plantingrosesstarburst

Journal of a rose gardener 20/08/16

This Month in the Journal of a Rose Gardener

Companion Plants, Which to choose, Border Colour, Competing plants, Crowding a rose, Poor air circulation...and much more. 



May 12 • 2012 • CostelloElvisGoodRoses in SongYearbloomsplantsroses


Good Year For The Roses

Elvis Costello

I can hardly bear the sight of lipstick On the cigarettes there in the ashtray Lying cold the way you left them But at least your lips caressed them while you packed Or the lip-print on a half-filled cup of coffee That you poured and didn't drink But at least you thought you wanted it That's so much more than I can say for me

What a good year for the roses Many blooms still linger there The lawn could stand another mowing Funny I don't even care As you turn to walk away As the door behind you closes The only thing I have to say It's been a good year for the roses

After three full years of marriage It's the first time that you haven't made the bed I guess the reason we're not talking There's so little left to say we haven't said While a million thoughts go racing through my mind I find I haven't said a word From the bedroom the familiar sound Of our baby's crying goes unheard

What a good year for the roses Many blooms still linger there The lawn could stand another mowing Funny I don't even care As you turn to walk away As the door behind you closes The only thing I have to say It's been a good year for the roses

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Apr 26 • 2012 • AfricanFlowerGlobalGrowersHollandRose Newsplants





A trial shipment of Kenyan roses, in a refrigerated container, is currently on the sea and due to arrive in Antwerp on April 26, Christo van der Meer, Operations Manager of Fresh Flower Solutions for FloraHolland told the Cool Logistics conference on Wednesday.

"This is merely the first trial shipment as we look to provide an alternative to air freight, as the costs are about 40% less than air freight. Once the shipment has landed we will check the vase life of the roses and give feedback to the growers," he said.

FloraHolland is a growers' co-operative handling 11 billion cut flower stems annually and 1.3 billion potted plants with 20,000 different products and 200,000 distribution points in Europe. As FloraHolland has 125,000 transactions per day it provides a benchmark pricing system for the global flower trade. Kenya currently exports EUR165 million worth of flowers annually to the Netherlands of which 75% are roses. It is followed by Ethiopia at EUR110 million and competes with other equatorial highland countries such as Colombia and Ecuador. "We plan to do another 11 shipments this year and expect the last shipment to contain 19 commercial pallets and only one test pallet. Once we have proven that sea freight can compete with air freight, then this would allow Kenya and other African countries to diversify their product offering to other flowers, such as chrysanthemums," he told I-Net Bridge/BusinessLIVE. Europe's flower trade is currently worth EUR7 billion of which only a tenth is imported, so there is a large potential for Africa, including SA, to expand its flower exports to Europe. Once the sea freight is proven to Europe, then it could open a new market for African flower growers in North America, as ships could go to Miami just as easily as they go to Antwerp. Van der Meer believed sea freight could also provide better temperature control of the entire cold chain as refrigerated containers were not available in air freight. A total of 15 Kenyan rose growers were involved in the first trial shipment as FloraHolland wanted a representative sample of growers from the different regions of Kenya. He said it would be unlikely to be used in SA, as SA flower exports were mostly composed of the hardier proteas, which were less delicate than roses or other cut flowers.

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Apr 15 • 2012 • BudHybridRose TipsTeafloribundaplantsroses




Create bigger roses:

When buds on hybrid tea roses appear, save the lead bud and remove the side buds for larger roses. Remove them early or you'll get smaller roses. Do the opposite with floribundas; remove the center bud so the side buds can size up for larger bouquets.

Details of all our roses are available on our web site. Over 1000 varieties to choose from.



Apr 14 • 2012 • BlossomBushGenusLuiaeMultifloraRosaRoseRose Newsplants



Rosa Dadu


A new species of multiflora rose bush reaching 30m in length, 5m in width and 5m in height was discovered on Dadu Mountain (??????), Greater Taichung, making it the largest type of multiflora rose bush in the country.

Wu Ching-shu (??????), an ecologist at Dadu Mountain, said earlier this week that he uncovered a new genus of baby rose endemic to Taiwan, during his field studies on the mountain in April last year.

"Following my field studies on the then-largest wild baby rose bush in southern Dadu Mountain, I happened to come across a different genus almost five times larger in size than the one I had observed," Wu said.

Unlike the other native species of Dadu Mountain, the Rosa luciae, the back of the leaves of the new genus, which Wu has provisionally named "Rosa Dadu," appears to be villous, Wu said.

Wu said the Rosa luciae are commonly seen in Greater Taichung, Changhua County and Miaoli County, with the flowers blooming around the beginning of April.

Research shows that there are about 30 bushes of Rosa luciae nationwide, with about 20 on Dadu Mountain, Wu said, but added that the number could be higher.

The new species has grown about 100,000 buds, which would gradually blossom into white flowers with five heart-shaped petals. Its shrubs are entwined around trees and among brushwood, with the blossoms emanating the fragrance of roses and attracting bees, Wu said.

Yang Kuoh-cheng (??????), an associate professor at Providence University’s ecology department, said the villous leaves differentiate the new species from the native genus Rosa Luciae, adding that the name "Rosa Dadu" commemorates the location of its discovery.


In related news, National Cheng Kung University said a new species of rose whose petals can change color in sunlight has been cultivated at a rose garden in Changhua County and could offer enormous potential business opportunities.

The new species, which is awaiting verification by the school, was bred by experts at the rose garden two years ago.

University officials said that when the bud starts to open, the edge of the petals gradually turn from light pink to neon pink.

When the flower fully opens, the color becomes much deeper as it is exposed to stronger sunlight, university officials said.

After verification is completed, the university will register the new species with the Council of Agriculture.

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Rose News From Around The World


Rose Festival. 40th Year and still going strong.

Rose Festival, Chandigarh is held in the famous Rose Garden at Chandigarh. This is largest Rose Show in the country. This festival is celebrated in the Rose Garden every year in the end of the month of February or during the first few days of March. The festival is organized to encourage the people to enjoy the bloom of different type of roses here

As Chandigarh’s Rose Festival this week enters its 40th year, residents throng in large numbers.

The star attractions are the millions of roses themselves, but there is also a host of activities, including competitions and cultural shows, at the festival being held at Rose Garden in upscale Sector 16 here from Feb 24 to 26.

Children would be crowned “Rose Prince” and “Rose Princess” and there will be painting and flower contests. Commercial and food stalls will be set up in the adjoining Leisure Valley in Sector 10.

In recent years, the footfall at the festival has crossed over 300,000, officials here said.

The Rose Garden has nearly 40,000 rose plants of over 800 rose species from all over the world.

The garden was set up in 1967 and was essentially the brainchild of Chandigarh’s first chief commissioner and keen horticulturist M.S. Randhawa – a man credited for giving the city millions of trees and a number of gardens and green belts.

The authorities here claim the Rose Garden, spread over nearly 30 acres, is the largest in Asia. Along with the roses, the garden also hosts trees of medicinal value.

“The Rose Festival is an important event for Chandigarh. Though the city itself is young, different generations of families have been coming in the last four decades to be part of it,” former councillor Chander Mukhi Sharma said .

The Rose Garden has been divided into 10 sections. These sections are not only for roses but also for a children’s play area, scrubs, medicinal plants, a hillock and musical fountains.

Some of the roses at the garden have been named after international and other personalities – from Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and former US president John F. Kennedy to former prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri and M.S. Randhawa.

Some of the unusual names given to the rose varieties are: Only You, Dulhan, King’s Ransom, Hippie Girl, Love Me Tender, Careless Love, Lover’s Meeting, Delhi Prince, Oklahoma, American Heritage, Louisiana, Canadian Centenary, City of Belfast, Wild Plum and Dorothy Peach.

“We have to take care of the roses so that they are in full bloom when the festival comes. This year the winters have been excessively cold,” said Subhash, a gardener.

For a few years the name of the festival was changed to Festival of Gardens by the local administration. However, for common people, it has always remained the Rose Festival.

Hundreds of people from Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh visit the city for the annual festival. They come here packed in buses, trucks and even tractor-trolleys. The festival also attracts people from other parts of the country and foreigners.

Chandigarh, which was planned and designed by French architect Le Corbusier and his team in the 1950s-60s as a symbol of a resurgent, independent India, has a total population of over one million.

Details of all our roses are available on our web site. Over 1000 varieties to choose from.




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