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Journal of a rose pot or not to pot 21/07/16

We are often asked by customers whether they can place the rose which they have chosen in a pot in the garden. If the rose is a patio (for example. Diamond, Elizabeth, Queen Mother) , compact floribunda (Ballerina, Darcy Bussell, Flower Carpet) or compact climber, (Cinderella, Good as Gold, Star Performer) it will be happy in a pot, but hybrid tea roses, larger climbers and ramblers will struggle.




One of the most common requests we have is to suggest climbing roses that will grow on a North wall .  Over the next few weeks we will highlight all  the climbers we have  that will  tolerate a Northern aspect.

However you have to accept a simple golden rule.

“More sun. More flowers”


Climbing Rose.

1963.  10ft-12ft

This really is one of the best yellow-flowered climbing roses around, and its floriferousness is quite remarkable.

The soft yellow, double, quartered blooms are well formed, very full and fragrant.

They hold their large, old fashioned shape well and  and repeat superbly, often up to 5 times per year.

The hips if deadheading is not completed, are large, round and attractive.

Also makes an excellent cut flower.

Dark green glossy healthy foliage which has good disease resistance.

Best in sun, but will tolerate a North wall.

A good rose that has not received the attention it deserves.

National Rose Society Gold Medal Winner in 1963.


Climbing Rose.

1928.   15ft plus

 A popular old rose which is not so widely used these days which is a great shame as it is very beautiful and versatile.

Although it is called a climber it is also known as a rambler as it has a rambling habit and mostly summer flowering.

The blooms are vivid pink which are not to everyone's taste, and have golden yellow stamens.    

The blooms are produced in large clusters of 8-12 and are very free flowering and last for ages, with some scattered flowering later in the season.

Glossy mid green foliage plus a nice musky fragrance.

Grows to 15ft plus and is suitable for growing up trees and will also cope with a North wall.

Well worth a place in any rose lover's garden.

Bred by Chaplin Bros.  UK


Royal Horticultural Society, Award of Garden Merit.  1928

Royal National Rose Society Certificate of Merit. 1928

Royal National Rose Society Gold Medal 1928

Also known as Chaplins Pink.    Chaplins Pink Cluster.


Rambling Rose.

1945.   15ft

This lovely old Rambler has been around a while, but we have included it in our Rambler section as we have had so many requests for it as it is considered to be one of the best of the repeat ramblers.

Most ramblers are only summer flowering, but this is one of the few that repeat well.

It produces large clusters of creamy white blooms with attractive yellow centres, plus quite a good perfume for a rambler.

Leathery glossy green foliage which has excellent disease resistance.

A very versatile rose as it can be grown up trees, is shade tolerant, can be grown on any aspect including a North wall and will cope with poor soils.

Won an American Rose Society Gold Medal in 1950

Bred by Tantau. Germany 1939-1945. There are some date differences of opinion regarding this rose.


(Rose Of The Week)

Climbing Rose

2004.   8ft-10ft

Large beautifully shaped blooms of bright pink with a continuous flowering habit.

It always seems to be in flower and the blooms keep coming right through until the autumn.

In our opinion one of the nicest climbing roses to arrive on the market for some while.

Plenty of large, dark green, semi glossy foliage with a good health record.

A very attractive rose with a good perfume.

A super rose to have either side of the front or back door.

Will grow on a South or North facing wall.


DANCING QUEEN  (Fryfestoon)

Since 2006 a few roses are selected each year for this prestigious award.   Based on cumulative information from invited independent judges, the Gold Standard is awarded to worthy varieties.

Health,  floriferousness,  scent and commercial appeal are all considered key factors in the final choice.

Bred by Fryers Roses .UK.

For further information  please see  Gold Standard Roses on the Main Menu.


Mamma Mia,   Super Trouper.

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