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Mulching the rose garden can be very beneficial in many ways. A good layer of mulch ensures that the soil is kept moist in a hot spell. Weeds are kept to a minimum. The soil is improved as humus is added to the soil. Some mulches provide extra food for your roses. Black spot and other diseases are greatly reduced, providing the soil is cleared of old leaves and debris before mulching. Many materials can be used for mulching depending what is available to you. Well rotted farm or horse manure are excellent, but do make sure that it is well rotted as fresh manure can burn the roots of plants. Shredded bark, moist peat, garden compost and leaf mould all make suitable mulches, even grass cuttings can be used sparingly providing they have not been treated with weed killer recently. Before applying your chosen mulch make sure the ground is clean and damp and you have fed your roses. Spread a layer of mulch around the roses to a depth of 2-3ins - 5-6cm keeping it away from the stem or crown of the plant. Mulching is traditionally done in the spring, but we have found that mulching spring and autumn has been very beneficial.

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