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Nov 06 • 2013 • ContainerOrangeThe World's Best Rosesbloomsfloribundaolivesalmon



Floribunda 2010  3ft

An exciting addition to our floribunda section and looks sure to be popular with Women's Institute Members. The blooms are spectacular confection of salmon and orange blends which fade to pink and yellow as the blooms age. A healthy rose with foliage of Glossy Olive green which shows the blooms off to perfection. A neat bushy plant that will brighten up any garden or should be quite happy in a large container.  Flowers from early summer right through to the autumn.The colourful blooms will give a great display as a cut flower in the house. Mild and pleasant fragrance. Bred by Fryers. AWARDS  . Gold Standard Award 2010 Certificate of Merit Belfast 2012 Australian National Rose TrIals. Bronze Medal 2009

Specially named for the Cheshire Federation of Woman's Institutes.  Also known as SAGA.

Jam And Jerusalem was also the name of a hilarious BBC comedy sit com starring Sue Johnson, Jennifer Saunders, and Dawn French.

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Aug 06 • 2013 • BudsLady MarmaladeRoseRose of the WeekSpicyYear.Bushbloomsperfume

Rose Of The Week

ROSE OF THE YEAR 2014 Lady Marmalade Floribunda 3ft An exciting new floribunda which has been awarded Rose Of The Year 2014  a title which it truly deserves. The compact bush carries masses of bright tangerine blooms which appear all summer long and well into the autumn and the first frosts.

The rounded buds open into a cupped bloom with heavily reflexed petals which open to wide bright flowers with a contrasting yellow centre. The blooms arrive in large clusters which can carry up to 10 or 11 blooms in a cluster, and will keep on appearing if you dead head regularly. The breeder has given it a 5 star rating which means it will grow and perform well under most conditions. A highly recommended modern rose with lots of old world charm, plus the bonus of an excellent spicy perfume. Bred by Harkness

"Lady Marmalade" is a song released in 1974 which was a world wide hit.  The song was also featured in the film "Moulin Rouge"

Advance orders taken. Available from November / December 2013

Details of all our roses are available on our web site. Over 1000 varieties to choose from.



Jun 19 • 2013 • BlotchCentreEyesLilacPurpleRose of the WeekSummerUnusual.Bloomsfloribundaperfume

Rose Of The Week


Floribunda 2008  2ft 6ins

A lovely but very unusual rose.

A floribunda with large blooms which can be as big as 4ins across.  The colour is described as mauvy-lilac but the main eye catcher is the large purple blotch in the centre.

The huge blooms repeat all summer and really stand out in the crowd.

The foliage is very healthy with good disease resistance.

Not very tall so will grow in a container or the garden.

A bed of these eye catchers will stop the traffic.

Lovely perfume.

Bred by Peter J James. UK

Introduced by Warners Roses. Details of all our roses are available on our web site. Over 1000 varieties to choose from.



May 15 • 2013 • EnglishFlowersPink.CuppedPrunedRose of the Weekbloomsbushyclustersseasonshrub

Rose Of The Week


English Shrub rose 2010   4ft

A new English rose which is a particularly tough and reliable variety of medium size, with flowers of deep glowing pink.  They are shallowly cupped at first; the outer petals eventually reflexing back and revealing an attractive button eye.

'England's Rose' flowers more or less continually from June right through until the end of the season, in October or even November.

The blooms are nicely held in large clusters.   This is a healthy weather resistant rose, even in periods of continual rain the blooms do not ball and the petals drop cleanly.

It will form an attractive, bushy shrub of about 4ft in height and 3ft across, although it could easily grow taller if pruned lightly.

An ideal variety for planting in a rose border or for mixing with perennials.

The fragrance is particularly fine; strong warm and spicy with a classic Old Rose character.


Essential reading for all English Rose enthusiasts.

‘The English Roses’ by David Austin.

Please go to  GARDENERS GIFT SHOP on the main Menu.

Details of all our roses are available on our web site. Over 1000 varieties to choose from.




Mar 04 • 2013 • ClimberFlowersHealthyNew Roses For 2013PurpleStripedWhitebloomsfoliage





OH WOW is exactly the reaction you will have when you see this beautiful climber.

Purple and white striped blooms cover this stunner all summer long. The large exotic flowers appear in flushes from spring to autumn and are a real head turner. A very healthy rose with glossy medium green foliage which has excellent disease resistance and will tolerate a little shade. The perfume is not very strong but quite pleasant. Makes quite an unusual show as a cut flower.

Bred in the USA by Tom Carruth where it is known as 'Purple Splash'

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Feb 20 • 2013 • GardenHybridRememberRoseRose of the WeekScentedTeabloomsfloweringfoliageplant



Hybrid Tea Rose    1994   3ft-4ft

A lovely addition to our HT section.

Classic shapely medium sized  blooms of  light pink, an extremely attractive and free flowering hybrid tea.

A bushy plant with young reddish foliage that matures to glossy dark green.

A very healthy and disease free rose which makes a real statement in the garden.  Can also be grown in a large container.

As with most Hts will thrive in full sun.

Highly Scented.

A lovely rose to plant as a memorial rose.

Used to be known as Royal Copenhagen.


Remember Me.   Remembrance.    Liverpool Remembers.   Absent Friends.   Fond Memories.   Happy Memories.   Loving Memory.   Never Forgotten.   Peace.   Sweet Memories.

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Feb 06 • 2013 • BloomBlushChildHealthPinkRose of the Weekbloomsfloribundafloweringspecial

Rose Of The Week



1997  2ft-2ft 6ins

A superb low growing floribunda with masses of well shaped blooms of blush pink.    Lovely shiny foliage and a good long flowering period. One of our favourite roses as it always seems to be in bloom and has excellent health. The quantity of flowers is quite outstanding.   When this comes into bloom at the nursery it causes plenty of interest and we sell out quite quickly.

A lovely gift for that "Special Child". Scented. Named for CLIC. Children with cancer and leukaemia.

Also known as 'Glacier Magic'

GOLD STANDARD AWARD WINNER 2006 SPECIAL CHILD  (Taniripsa) Since 2006 a few roses are selected each year for this prestigious award.   Based on cumulative information from invited independent judges, the Gold Standard is awarded to worthy varieties.  Health,  floriferousness,  scent and commercial appeal are all considered key factors in the final choice. For further information  please see  Gold Standard Roses on the Main Menu.

Bred by Rosen Tantau in Germany 1997 Introduced into the UK 2002

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Sep 06 • 2012 • HybridNew Roses For 2013QualityRecommendedRoseSizeTeablooms



Hybrid Tea  3ft-5ft  1997

Plenty of blooms on this superb hybrid tea rose.

Exhibition quality blooms of cream edged with cerise throughout the season.

Selected and named on behalf of Britain's Royal National Institute For The Blind.

For sheer quality and size this one takes some beating.

 Highly Recommended.

 Wonderful Fragrance.

 Also known as 'Cindy'

Details of all our roses are available on our web site. Over 1000 varieties to choose from.



Sep 02 • 2012 • ColourfulFlowersHealthyNew Roses For 2013Rosebloomsclimbingfoliageperfumeseason



Climbing Rose  10ft-12ft  2008 An attractive and colourful climber from the USA.

The blooms are a great combination of ivory yellow over pink on well formed flowers. Easy to grow and flowers right through the season.

A vigorous and healthy rose with a pleasant apple perfume. Glossy mid green foliage. A real eye catcher. Bred by Carruth. USA

Details of all our roses are available on our web site. Over 1000 varieties to choose from.



Jun 17 • 2012 • BlossomDiseaseFertiliserFragranceRose Newsbloomsroses

Rose News From Around The World



It's sunny and warm, sky's fluffy with clouds, and we're walking the 10-acre field in Chester County known as "rose hell."

Really, that's what they call it, because this is where several thousand roses are set in the ground and left alone to see which ones can take the heat — and humidity, drought, wind, frost, snow, fungus, bugs, and all else. At the end of three or four years, minimum, whatever's still standing has a shot at becoming the next big star of the rose world.

They have to survive with no irrigation, no sprays for insects or disease, no protection from extreme temperatures and conditions, no fertilizer, no pruning. Nothing, because, believe it or not, these trials are meant to simulate conditions in the average American garden — and we're pretty awful to our plants.

"If it was possible to get written up for rose abuse, we would be. They have a nasty, brutish, and short life here," says Steve Hutton, president and CEO of the Conard-Pyle Co. in West Grove, where the trials are held.

The winners must do more than survive to be chosen for the marketplace. They must emerge robust and clean, with a profusion of perfectly formed, beautifully colored blooms. And one other thing helps, something traditionalists could've told you from the get-go: fragrance. Too often in the mid-20th century, it was lost, as breeders scrambled to produce the tight buds, glamorous colors, and stiff stems that now define the perfect Valentine's Day rose.

Want to know about the importance of fragrance? Watch Hutton and his longtime friend and collaborator Alain Meilland, of Meilland International rose breeders of France, as they amble down the rows here. Hutton's tall, Meilland's short, but both dip and sway as they inch along, cupping blossoms in their hands and diving right in there to inhale.

Roses can smell like anything, and this is part of the fun — peaches, lemons, cloves, lavender, musk, chocolate, aftershave, impossible-to-describe, or nothing at all.

Both men suddenly stop to admire ‘Francis Meilland,' which was bred by Meilland, commercialized by Conard-Pyle, and named for Alain's father on the centenary of his birth. Already the winner of several awards in Europe, it's a 2013 All-America Rose Selection, which — as a kind of Academy Award for roses in this country — is an honor rose breeders crave.

Francis Meilland

About AARS

All-America Rose Selections is a non-profit association dedicated to the introduction and promotion of exceptional roses. The AARS runs the world's most challenging horticultural testing program, and consistently recognizes roses that will be easy to grow and require minimal care by today's busy homeowner.

Since 1938, the AARS testing program has encouraged the rose industry to improve the disease resistance, ease of care, and beauty of roses. Today, the AARS program is one of the most successful and highly regarded of its kind, having brought to the forefront some of the most popular roses in history, such as Peace, Knock Out and Bonica. AARS Winning Roses are labelled with the AARS red rose seal of approval to distinguish them from other plants in the nursery.

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May 16 • 2012 • BudColoursHabitPetalsRoseRose of the WeekWeatherbloomsclustersfoliageshrub



Shrub Roses (Old Fashioned and Modern)

 Year: 1909

Height:  2ft

A superb rose which produces large clusters of blooms of pale orange- red plus yellow in the bud stage. As the blooms open they change to a beautiful blend of pearly pink blush and cream with an attractive silky sheen on the petals. The strength of colour is often determined by the weather and the difference in colours can be quite pronounced. The shape of the blooms can be very similar to an English David Austin rose and are often mistaken for one of that variety. A good repeat flowering habit, and in our opinion and is probably one of the most beautiful roses we have ever sold. The blooms are very weather tolerant, and the rich dark green foliage is healthy and disease free. An excellent bedding rose with the bonus of a great perfume which makes it a great rose for cutting. The perfume is a cross between the classical Tea Rose and honey. Not a very large variety so will grow in a container quite successfully. For the best results dead head regularly and only prune lightly in the spring. The roses ancestry is very complex, so rosarian’s around the world never seem too agree on how to classify it, is it a Floribunda a Hybrid Tea a Polyantha or a Bourbon shrub? One fact that is certain is that it was bred from the famous white Hybrid Perpetual ‘Frau Karl Druschki’ which was considered to be the finest white rose of its time. Frau Karl Druschki was the wife of the President of the German Rose Society. It is also believed that ‘Gruss An Aachen’ was the original rose that began the Floribunda variety. A truly remarkable rose that was bred by Philip Geduldig. The name ‘Gruss An Aachen’ means "Greetings to Aachen" in Germany which was the breeders home city. Almost thornless. Highly recommended. Also known as 'White Willow Glen'

Details of all our roses are available on our web site. Over 1000 varieties to choose from.




May 12 • 2012 • CostelloElvisGoodRoses in SongYearbloomsplantsroses


Good Year For The Roses

Elvis Costello

I can hardly bear the sight of lipstick On the cigarettes there in the ashtray Lying cold the way you left them But at least your lips caressed them while you packed Or the lip-print on a half-filled cup of coffee That you poured and didn't drink But at least you thought you wanted it That's so much more than I can say for me

What a good year for the roses Many blooms still linger there The lawn could stand another mowing Funny I don't even care As you turn to walk away As the door behind you closes The only thing I have to say It's been a good year for the roses

After three full years of marriage It's the first time that you haven't made the bed I guess the reason we're not talking There's so little left to say we haven't said While a million thoughts go racing through my mind I find I haven't said a word From the bedroom the familiar sound Of our baby's crying goes unheard

What a good year for the roses Many blooms still linger there The lawn could stand another mowing Funny I don't even care As you turn to walk away As the door behind you closes The only thing I have to say It's been a good year for the roses

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Feb 14 • 2012 • BushesFlowersHybrid RosesNew Roses For 2012Princess Of Walesbloomsgardeners





Future generations may never know the beauty of Diana, Princess of Wales; sniff Catalina in the sunshine; or fall for Beloved. For a century, devoted gardeners have appreciated the marvels of delicate and finicky hybrid roses and referred to them by name, like pets or family. The product of generations of breeding, the queen of flowers could act like a spoiled princess because its delicate blooms offered a special reward. In recent years, though, time-strapped homeowners have traded their big teas for compact shrub roses—utilitarian soldiers in the landscape that could cover ground without fuss. Our desire for the carefree—no-iron shirts, no-wax floors, and now low-maintenance yards—has brought the rose industry to a crossroads. “At some point, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. (Landscape) roses will be all you have; the beautiful, unique hybrid teas will be gone,” said Charlie Anderson, president of Weeks Roses, the only major company still creating new varieties of full-size roses. The flagging economy has compounded the rose industry’s troubles. Two years ago, rose giant Jackson & Perkins, which had annually shipped 10 million bushes countrywide, filed for bankruptcy protection. Many of the hybrid roses the company created—such as Diana, Catalina and Beloved—may soon disappear from the mass market as the supply of those bushes dries up. “Roses are viewed as an extravagance and they’re still trying to shed that stigma,” said Seth Taylor of Capital Nursery. “People have a very specific thing in mind when they think of a rose—it’s full and lush and romantic. That’s your traditional rose, what people love,” Taylor said. “The single-petaled shrub roses are gaining a foothold with the public, but when my customers look at those flowers, they say ‘That’s not a rose.’ “ While gardeners may have visions of old-fashioned roses plucked from cottage gardens, their interest in growing them has waned, said Jolene Adams, incoming national president of the American Rose Society. “Many homeowners have had some experience—usually in their mother’s or grandmother’s gardens—so they’ll try growing roses,” she said. “But without sufficient knowledge (on how to care for them), the roses languish and do not grow to their full, beautiful potential. And they’re not replaced if they die.” Most of the United States’ rose bushes originate in California’s Central Valley. But unlike wheat or tomatoes, it takes several years to produce a single crop of rose bushes. Hybridizers typically will test 400,000 seedlings to find one or two new varieties. Once selected, a new hybrid will be developed for seven to 10 years before it’s released into the market. When ready for sale, field-grown bushes are 2 years old. Winter is prime rose-planting time. Valentine’s Day also spurs sales. But this month, local gardeners are finding limited selections at nurseries and home centers. “I observed dramatically fewer roses in the nurseries this year,” said T.J. David, co-founder of the World Peace Rose Garden in Sacramento’s Capitol Park. “The financial ills of the rose growers will cause a slowdown in the number of new varieties of roses that are available for sale,” he said. “Since growers make plans years in advance, it may take a year or two to see the full impact.” The annual wholesale value of California’s rose crop dropped 55 percent from a high of $61.05 million in 2003 to $27.20 million in 2010, according to nursery industry expert Hoy Carman, a retired University of California-Davis professor. “The whole nursery industry is down,” Carman said. “In 2008, sales just plummeted.” Said Adams of the Rose Society: “Roses are not the first thing homeowners think of when they want to plant a garden. Competition with other choice plants is fierce. ... The industry is going to have to change—and supply roses that the customers can use in the landscape.” Most major rose growers have gone bankrupt or consolidated with other wholesale nurseries. Weeks Roses, in Wasco near Bakersfield, Calif., survived its bankruptcy and is now owned by Indiana-based Gardens Alive. On 1,000 leased acres, Weeks will harvest about 3 million bushes this year. During grafting and harvest season, it employs almost 400 people. Jackson & Perkins, acquired by South Carolina-based J&P Park Acquisitions, no longer develops and grows new roses. Before bankruptcy, the company farmed 5,000 acres in Wasco with 20,000 bushes per acre. Without buyers, many of those bushes were burned. Once a breeder goes bankrupt, its roses usually disappear with it. Rose patents—good for 18 to 20 years—may be sold, but budwood and mother plants are lost. Many Jackson & Perkins roses are now on the endangered list. “Some will be preserved,” Anderson said. “But a lot of varieties were lost; there was no budwood to collect (to create new hybrid bushes). Most will just disappear into the ether.”

Details of all our roses are available on our web site. Over 1000 varieties to choose from.




Jan 22 • 2012 • HipsHybridMuskRose Facts & TriviaRosettebloomsfloweringfoliageperfume


Three beautiful roses bred by the Rev Joseph Pemberton

And named after his daughter’s.


Delicate soft pink and cream blooms fading to almost white. Flowering is most prolific in the spring, but is a little less so in summer.   However the late summer and autumn show is quite something as the flowers are borne in huge panicles bearing the most highly coloured and longest lasting flowers of the year.  If the spent flowers are not removed, large round red hips are produced which look most attractive among the autumn flowers. Good strong disease resistant foliage. Can really brighten up a  dull autumn day. Shade tolerant and makes a good hedge Excellent Perfume.

National Rose Society Certificate of Merit 1927 Royal Horticultural Society Award Of Garden Merit  1993 Bred by th Rev Joseph Pemberton and named after one of his daughters.


This lovely old rose has been around a while but is just as popular as ever. A hybrid musk rose with the usual free flowering associated with this species of rose. The lovely rosette flowers are a rich apricot flushed pink and are borne in large arching trusses continually from summer to autumn.  A superb strong growing shrub with very few thorns plus good dark green bronze glossy foliage. Completely hardy but does best in a sunny spot out of the wind. Can be grown in the garden or large container, is shade tolerant and will cope with poorer soils. Distinct Musk Fragrance.

 Royal Horticultural Society Award Of Garden Merit 1993

Bred by the Rev Joseph Pemberton and named after one of his daughters.


This is a large, arching shrub with vigorous and disease free growth. It flowers continuously through summer and into autumn and produces a lovely show of hips in winter. The trusses of double, medium sized blooms are of a delicate light pink and apricot shades fading to white with age. 'Penelope' makes a fine specimen rose in the garden or an effective informal hedge, and is useful for growing over walls or fences and will cope with partial shade. The blooms are sweetly scented.

Details of all our roses are available on our web site. Over 1000 varieties to choose from.






Hybrid Tea.  2011.  3ft-4ft

A stunning new Hybrid Tea rose with large blooms of apricot and pink blends. The good strong stems and scented blooms make superb cut flowers. The attractive new foliage is a lovely shiny red which changes to dark green as the foliage matures.

Bred in New Zealand by Sam McGredy and was the last rose he bred before he retired.

An award winning rose that was  made "Rose Of The Year" in New Zealand. A donation from each retail sale will go to the Great North Air Ambulance Service.

Regret limited stocks this year so no bare root roses available. Potted Gift Rose Only.

Details of all our roses are available on our web site. Over 1000 varieties to choose from.



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