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Journal of a Rose Gardener...Choosing a rose 03/08/16

Purchasing a rose?  Is it suitable for your intended function? How much care you are supposed to give it? Is your soil fertile and well drained? or poor and dry? Does the intended position receive enough direct sunlight a day?

These questions and more answered this week.



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To make you smile at Christmas

My Wife The Gardener

She dug the plot on Monday – the soil was rich and fine, She forgot to thaw out dinner – so we went out to dine... She planted roses Tuesday – she says they are a must, They really are quite lovely but she quite forgot to dust. On Wednesday it was daisies – they opened up with sun, All whites and pinks and yellows – but the laundry wasn’t done... The poppies came on Thursday - a bright and cherry red, I guess she really was engrossed – she never made the bed... It was violets on Friday – in colours she adores, It never bothered her at all – all crumbs upon the floors I hired a maid on Saturday – my week is now complete, My wife can garden all she wants – the house will still be neat! It’s nearly lunchtime Sunday – and I cannot find the maid, Oh no! I don’t believe it! She’s out there WITH THE SPADE!

Don't Forget

Last Posting Day For Christmas Gift Roses
Thursday Mid Day 20th December.

May we take this opportunity to thank you all for your custom.

A Merry Christmas and a Rosy New Year

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TRENANCE Rose Garden in Newquay is to undergo a month-long facelift as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations – at a cost of £62,000.

Cornwall Council's neighbourhood services team will lead the overhaul, installing a new drainage system and steel gazebo at the site.

The team will also remove compacted and diseased soil, and rotten timber edges, before planting new roses.

Work is due to begin on Monday next week when the rose garden will be closed to the public.

Andy Cook, the council's environment engineer, said: "The existing rose garden is now of an age where the raised beds are becoming dilapidated and mixed roses and other planting has reached the end of their most attractive life. This is compounded by the poor soil which has become compacted in some places and is also sodden due to the proximity of the Trenance stream.

"The existing plants have been assessed and we aim to retain as many as possible.

Any plants which are not required for the new planting scheme will be given to the Newquay in Bloom Partnership."

Councillor Julian German, the council's portfolio holder for historic environment, added: "The council is committed to the provision of quality public open spaces and being able to use monies from developer contributions to support this project has been invaluable.

"Trenance Gardens have, for a long time, been an important public space for Newquay. The enhancement of the rose garden along with Trenance Cottages means that this area will be a focus for the community for a long time to come."

Councillor George Edwards, Cornwall councillor for Newquay Treloggan, said: "On behalf of the people of Newquay I would like thank our portfolio holder Julian German who met me on a site visit with senior officers.

"I was delighted when they informed me on the site visit that we had funding to spend on the gardens. I am sure that with this money we can put a splendid show on in the gardens for everyone to enjoy."

Details of all our roses are available on our web site. Over 1000 varieties to choose from.



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Rambling Rose

1906.   15ft-25ft

A beautiful old rambler that seems to have been popular for ever.

The bright salmon pink blooms appear in clusters over quite a long flowering period in the summer.

The blooms are a deeper pink in the centre with a yellow base.

Not for the small garden or the faint hearted as it can easily reach 25ft (8m) when mature.

Upright vigorous growth with shiny dark green leaves which are tinged with bronze green at the edges.

The late Jack Harkness described this rose as one of the most beautiful of the wichuraiana hybrids.

A very versatile rose as it will tolerate shade, poor soil, will grow on a North wall, and is a excellent rose for rambling up trees.

A pleasant fragrance which is reminiscent of apples.

Often confused with 'Albertine'

Bred in France 1906

Royal Horticultural Society Award Of Garden Merit.1993


Details of all our roses are available on our web site.

Over 1000 varieties to choose from.



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