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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.

YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL Rose Of The Year 2013

Q. Who decides which rose is named “Rose Of The Year” A.  Rose Of The Year® was introduced in 1982 and its aim is to discover by trials the best rose(s) in any given year. Rose breeders are invited, through Roses UK, to enter what they consider to be the best of their up and coming varieties in to the Rose of the Year competition; generally up to 20 varieties are submitted annually. Trials are conducted throughout the UK from as far north as Aberdeen, to Hampshire in the South, Northern Ireland and East Anglia with the varieties trialled in different soil and climate conditions. The trial lasts for a two year period and is judged by both amateurs and professional with the most worthy variety being selected as Rose Of The Year®. Selection is some 6 years in advance of its availability to allow for the building up of sufficient stock levels for its introduction to the public. The latest half dozen are Rose Of The Year 2013 “You’re Beautiful”   2012 “Moment In Time” 2011 “Joie De Vivre”  2010 “Absolutely Fabulous”   2009 “Lucky” For more details please see  ROSE OF THE YEAR page on our web site.

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Jun 03 • 2012 • 2013AllAmericanFrancisGardenMeillandMeitroniRoseRose NewsSelection

Rose News From Around The World


And the Winner is...

Francis Meilland

This stunning new rose won the hearts of judges to become the

2013 All-America Rose Selection.

Roses grown in the AARS test gardens are evaluated on a number of criteria, including:
  • Novelty
  • Form of      buds and open blooms
  • Color      throughout the blooming cycle
  • Aging      quality
  • Flowering      effect
  • Fragrance
  • Stem/cluster      form
  • Plant      habit
  • Vigor
  • Foliage
  • Disease      resistance
  • Repeat      bloom quality

Make it an even 10: Rosa 'Meitroni', known in the trade as Francis Meilland (PP 19970), has become the tenth rose in All-America Rose Selections' annual competition to stand alone. In more than 70 years of rigorous evaluations, only nine before Frances Meilland have been solo winners. (Last year's winner, Sunshine Daydream, was the most recent soloist.)

Named this month to be the 2013 All-America Rose Selection, this Meilland International-bred beauty is a breathtaking hybrid tea introduced by Star Roses®/The Conard-Pyle Co. The large, pointed bud debuts white, delicately suffused with pearl pink. Upon opening, each large bloom is shell pink, which turns white as the flower ages. Sporting up to 60 to 65 petals and reaching a 4-inch diameter, this proud hybrid tea stands high-centered and cuplike on strong, upright stems. Plants reach 6 to 6½ feet tall and 3 feet wide.

Framed by very dark green, semi-glossy foliage, Francis Meilland blooms continuously throughout the season and exudes a robust fragrance described as fruity and citrusy. Disease tolerance is excellent for the type.

Francis Meilland is available through Conard-Pyle.

About the trials

Each AARS winning rose must excel in an extensive, two-year trial program where it's judged on everything from rose disease resistance to flower production, color and fragrance. There are 15 test gardens located throughout the U.S., providing exposure to all climate zones and weather conditions. Average care-such as that given in a typical home garden-is provided, so that each rose's performance can reflect "real world" conditions. In fact, AARS members recently elected to discontinue fungicidal sprays in order to more accurately replicate "normal" care.

For more information about the program, visit

Details of all our roses are available on our web site. Over 1000 varieties to choose from.



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