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Feb 18 • 2013 • Bud.LeafletsBushFAQHealRootstockShootsSuckerplant

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is a rose sucker?

A. Suckers are shoots that grow from the rootstock rather than from the named variety which has been grafted onto it. If nothing is done then the suckers will take over the plant completely and you will have a bush that has reverted back to the root stock.

You can tell if it is a sucker if you see that it is coming from below the bud union and by the different leaf form and colour.   Suckers can appear anywhere from the bud union downwards.  Any growth above the bud union is new growth and NOT a sucker.

Don't go by the number of leaflets as a guide as that is a bit off an old wives tale.

Try to pull or break the sucker off at the base rather than cutting it, as cutting stimulates growth again. Pulling it or breaking it off at the base causes the wound to make a callous and heal over.

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