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Apr 10 • 2013 • AnniversaryGardenGroundMemorialNorth.TrustPiperRose Gardens



Thousands of roses have been planted in Hazlehead Park's Piper Alpha memorial garden as part of a campaign to ensure the site flourishes for generations to come.

Aberdeen City Council is working with Oil & Gas UK and the Pound for Piper Trust to help improve and maintain what has become a poignant tribute to the 167 men who lost their lives in 1988 North Sea tragedy.

Council staff prepared the ground and planted the bulk of the 11,320 roses, which should be in full bloom in time for July, which will mark the 25th anniversary of the disaster.

The Pound for Piper Trust has gained the support of the oil and gas industry, with Oil & Gas UK member companies providing generous donations to cover around £140,000 of the total £150,000 cost of the refurbishment.

Aberdeen City Council is providing the remainder of the funding while carrying out the majority of the restoration work and maintaining the gardens.

Kerri Henderson, whose dad died in the Piper Alpha tragedy eight days before she was born, helped plant the final roses during a ceremony in the gardens on Tuesday [09 April]. She was joined by representatives from Aberdeen City Council, Pound for Piper Trust, Oil & Gas UK, Cockers Roses and Aberdeen Sea Cadets.

Councillor Neil Cooney, Convener of Aberdeen City Council's Housing and Environment Committee, said: "The memorial garden and statue is a very special place for Aberdeen citizens and the wider oil and gas industry, particularly for those whose lives have been affected by this tragedy. It is a place for quiet contemplation and reflection so it is therefore essential that it is attractive, well looked after and maintained to as high a standard as possible.

"Council staff already work hard on its upkeep but this additional support from the oil and gas community, both on and offshore, will bring a huge boost. We are extremely grateful for their generosity and hope we can continue to work together in meaningful ways so the memory of the victims of the Piper Alpha tragedy lives on."

Carol Banks, Pound for Piper Trust founder, said: "This is a momentous day for everyone who has worked hard to make it possible. Since we set up Pound for Piper, we've been overwhelmed by the support of the onshore and the offshore community as well as the oil and gas industry which has backed the Trust both financially and in spirit."

Geoff Holmes, CEO of Talisman Sinopec Energy UK Limited and a member of the Oil & Gas UK board added: "The industry's support for this campaign has been inspirational; it demonstrates how passionate we all are about ensuring we remember those who lost their lives. The incredible efforts of the Pound for Piper team mean that the much-loved and important memorial to Piper Alpha will thrive for many years to come."

Some 10,200 hybrid tea and floribunda roses (58 varieties) have been planted along with 599 ground cover roses, 171 hybrid musk roses and 350 rugosa roses.

The planting plan is designed to provide a good contrast of colour and height and was drawn up by Cockers Roses and Aberdeen City Council officers.

Other work will include rejuvenating grass areas, treatment of the perimeter hedging and trees to allow light and nutrients to the flower beds, maintenance of the benches, cleaning of the memorial and renewal of the lettering on the memorial plaque

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Oct 27 • 2011 • AlbertineFragranceFranceNew Roses For 2012NorthRamblingShadeSoil



Rambling Rose

1906.   15ft-25ft

A beautiful old rambler that seems to have been popular for ever.

The bright salmon pink blooms appear in clusters over quite a long flowering period in the summer.

The blooms are a deeper pink in the centre with a yellow base.

Not for the small garden or the faint hearted as it can easily reach 25ft (8m) when mature.

Upright vigorous growth with shiny dark green leaves which are tinged with bronze green at the edges.

The late Jack Harkness described this rose as one of the most beautiful of the wichuraiana hybrids.

A very versatile rose as it will tolerate shade, poor soil, will grow on a North wall, and is a excellent rose for rambling up trees.

A pleasant fragrance which is reminiscent of apples.

Often confused with 'Albertine'

Bred in France 1906

Royal Horticultural Society Award Of Garden Merit.1993


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Oct 09 • 2011 • AttractiveDavidMedalNorthRose of the WeekShadeTeasing


One of the most common requests we have is to suggest climbing roses that will grow on a North wall .  Over the next few weeks we will highlight all  the climbers we have  that will  tolerate a Northern aspect.

However you have to accept a simple golden rule.

"More Sun, More Flowers"


(Rose Of The Week)

English Rose Shrub/Climber David Austin 1998.  5ft plus.

A yellow rose of great beauty and value. The flowers are particularly attractive with the central petals in the form of a rich, deep yellow cup and the outer petals falling back and fading to palest yellow. A lovely medium to strong Tea Rose fragrance. Altogether a most reliable and excellent variety that is hardy, extremely healthy and repeat flowers well.  A very refined rose. It can also be grown as a first class short climber which will climb to about 8ft and also grow on a North wall. Shade tolerant. Named for Mr.Ulrich Meyer, after his wife Georgia.

Winner in 2000 of the Henry Edland Medal for the Best Scented Variety in the RNRS trials.  Also won the best variety at the Pencoed Trials in South Wales where the roses are never sprayed.


English Rose Shrub/Climber David Austin

1998..  4ft plus

Large fragrant flowers of bright crimson colouring. They are of a nice, deeply cupped shape in the early stages; the petals turning back to give a less formal but still attractive flower. Healthy dark green foliage. It has a lovely Old Rose fragrance. It can also be grown as a short climber and will probably reach 8 or 9ft. Very useful as it can also tolerate a North wall situation.

Named after the character from Thomas Hardy's novel.


English Rose Shrub/Climber David Austin

2003.  5ft plus

A charming rose with lovely soft glowing pink blooms shading to palest pink on the outer petals.  When the petals open they expose numerous stamens, providing an almost water-lily like effect. An extremely healthy rose with a delicious fragrance of musk and myrrh. One of the healthiest of the English rose which can also be grown as a climber. Will also cope with a North wall and shade. This lovely rose was named to mark the seventy fifth anniversary of the National Gardens Scheme.

For further information , see ‘What Rose Where’ on our web site

Details of all our roses are available on our web site.

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Oct 02 • 2011 • DiseaseNew Roses For 2012RamblerRepeat RamblerShadenorth wallperfume



Rambling Rose. 1945.   15ft.

This lovely old Rambler has been around a while, but we have included it in our Rambler section as we have had so many requests for it as it is considered to be one of the best of the repeat ramblers. Most ramblers are only summer flowering, but this is one of the few that repeat well. It produces large clusters of creamy white blooms with attractive yellow centres, plus quite a good perfume for a rambler. Leathery glossy green foliage which has excellent disease resistance. A very versatile rose as it can be grown up trees, is shade tolerant, can be grown on any aspect including a North wall and will cope with poor soils.

Won an American Rose Society Gold Medal in 1950

Bred by Tantau. Germany 1939-1945. There are some date differences of opinion regarding this rose.


For details of all our current roses, see our extensive web site.

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Aug 05 • 2011 • Rose of the Weekchris warnerfragrantnorth wallpatio climberroses



Patio Climber.

1992.  7ft-8ft

A really eye catching rose.

A simple flower of bright red-orange which covers this climber from top to bottom.

Flowers right through the season.

Keep it in a cosy place and you will even have flowers at Christmas.

We have also tried it on a North wall with good results.

Undoubtedly our best selling patio climber.

This range of small climbers have become extremely popular due to their versatility .

Most can be grown in containers and are very attractive either side of the front door without growing too high.

They can be pruned quite low each year to control the height.

Highly recommended.


Bred by Chris Warner. UK


Boogie Woogie.    Cascade.    Cheek To Cheek.   Gloriana.    Good As Gold.    Lady Penelope.    Laura Ford.    Little Rambler.    Merengue.     Nice Day.     Open Arms.     Rhapsody In Blue.    Star Performer.    Tattoo.     Twist.        White Cloud.

Details of all our roses are available on our web site.

Over 1000 varieties to choose from.



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