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One of the most common requests we have is to suggest climbing roses that will grow on a North wall .  Over the next few weeks we will highlight all  the climbers we have  that will  tolerate a Northern aspect.

However you have to accept a simple golden rule.

“More sun. More flowers”


Rambling Rose.

2007.   8ft.  -  10ft

Most old ramblers are usually summer flowering only, but in recent years many repeat flowering ramblers have been introduced and are now becoming very popular. This lovely recent rambler flowers all summer and looks sure to become a favourite with the public. It produces large clusters of pink blend blooms in flushes, with attractive whiter centres and golden stamens, plus the bonus of a sweet perfume. The first flush of the season is pretty spectacular, and the repeat blooms are more than satisfactory. Semi glossy medium green healthy foliage which has excellent disease resistance. An award winning rose which is pretty versatile as it will grow almost anywhere including a North wall. Highly recommended.

GOLD STANDARD AWARD WINNER 2008 PERENNIAL BLUSH  (Mehbarbie) Since 2006 a few roses are selected each year for this prestigious award.   Based on cumulative information from invited independent judges, the Gold Standard is awarded to worthy varieties. Health,  floriferousness,  scent and commercial appeal are all considered key factors in the final choice.

Bred by Bernard Mehring..

For further information  please see  Gold Standard Roses on the Main Menu.


Rambling Rose. 1923.  10ft-12ft

Small semi-double blooms of pink salmon and gold. One of the few ramblers available that will flower right through the season and is one of our favourite ramblers. The buds are like small cones and are carried in wide clusters on short stems.    They open into fairly full rosette shaped blooms of modest size, in a mixture of salmon pink and yellow-gold shades. They are lightly scented and their neat distribution within the cluster and overall on the plant is a pleasure to see. It is a vigorous grower with lax arching stems, making a splendid rambler for fences, and arches etc. A delightful rose with good disease resistance and a pleasant perfume. A useful rambler as it will also cope on a North wall.

Highly Recommended.

ST SWITHUN English Rose. Shrub/Climber 1993.  4ft plus

Large, saucer like, flowers filled with small petals and a button eye, their colour being soft pink at the centre and the palest pink at the edges. A beautiful rose with a tall, slightly stiff, bushy growth and smooth, greyish green foliage. Excellent as a climber. in fact it is considered to be one of the best English Rose climbers. It is a particularly tough, reliable and healthy rose which will also cope with a North wall. A very strong pure myrrh fragrance which is typical of the English Roses. St Swithun was a Saxon Bishop who is the origin of the legend that if it rains on St Swithun's feast day the rain will continue for 40 more days. St Swithun's day if thou dost rain For forty days it will remain St Swithun's day if thou be fair For forty days 'twill rain na mair

Named to commemorate the 900th anniversary of Winchester Cathedral.

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Essential reading for all English Rose enthusiasts. ‘The English Roses’ by David Austin. Please go to GARDENERS GIFT SHOP on the main Menu.

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