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Dec 14 • 2013 • ContainerFlowerFragranceGardenSummerThe World's Best Rosesfashionedlovely

The World's Best Roses

THE WREN floribunda 2008 , 3ft

A very attractive modern rose with a lovely old fashioned look Massesd of blooms thoughout the season of  apricot fading to pink.  The show starts in early summer ang goes on with hardly a break until the first frosts.  The healthy medium green foliage sets the blooms off to perfection. Will grown in the garden or a large container, but for the best results place in full sun. Makes a good cut flower A very pleasant sweet fragrance. Bred by Kordes in Germany.

AWARDS Gold standard Award 2010

Also known as Floral Fairytale and Afternoon Delight

Named to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Women's Royal Naval Service. The Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS; popularly and officially known as the Wrens) was the women's branch of the Royal Navy . ... First formed in 1917 for the First World War, it was disbanded in 1919, then revived in 1939 at the beginning of the Second World War, remaining active until integrated into the Royal Navy in 1993.



A lovely new floribunda bred to raise money for York Minster. Beautiful creamy/white blooms tinged with amber.  Repeat flowers from early summer right through until autumn. Reportedly a very healthy rose with good disease resistance. A sweet and pleasant perfume.

The York Minster Rose was launched at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2011 with a presentation to HRH The Duke of York and Princess Beatrice.  The rose also featured in the 2011 award-winning Welcome to Yorkshire garden, The Art of Yorkshire.The rose was developed by Harkness roses and funds raised from sales will help to restore and preserve York Minster for future generations.

Awards. Gold Standard Award 2012

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Sep 09 • 2012 • BloomBudsFlowersFragranceGardenNew Roses For 2013Wonderfulfloribundaplant



Floribunda  2ft-3ft

EBB TIDE is a wonderful floribunda to add to your garden. Deep smoky purple buds open to full old-fashioned flowers the colour of rich plum velvet. Intense spicy clove fragrance only adds to the attractiveness of this rose. This very hardy floribunda will bloom all season long well into frost.  A captivating garden focal point that keeps getting better the longer it's established. Please note that young Ebb Tide plants may bloom in shades with a pinkish or reddish cast. The blooms will darken to purple as the plant matures.

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Jun 17 • 2012 • BlossomDiseaseFertiliserFragranceRose Newsbloomsroses

Rose News From Around The World



It's sunny and warm, sky's fluffy with clouds, and we're walking the 10-acre field in Chester County known as "rose hell."

Really, that's what they call it, because this is where several thousand roses are set in the ground and left alone to see which ones can take the heat — and humidity, drought, wind, frost, snow, fungus, bugs, and all else. At the end of three or four years, minimum, whatever's still standing has a shot at becoming the next big star of the rose world.

They have to survive with no irrigation, no sprays for insects or disease, no protection from extreme temperatures and conditions, no fertilizer, no pruning. Nothing, because, believe it or not, these trials are meant to simulate conditions in the average American garden — and we're pretty awful to our plants.

"If it was possible to get written up for rose abuse, we would be. They have a nasty, brutish, and short life here," says Steve Hutton, president and CEO of the Conard-Pyle Co. in West Grove, where the trials are held.

The winners must do more than survive to be chosen for the marketplace. They must emerge robust and clean, with a profusion of perfectly formed, beautifully colored blooms. And one other thing helps, something traditionalists could've told you from the get-go: fragrance. Too often in the mid-20th century, it was lost, as breeders scrambled to produce the tight buds, glamorous colors, and stiff stems that now define the perfect Valentine's Day rose.

Want to know about the importance of fragrance? Watch Hutton and his longtime friend and collaborator Alain Meilland, of Meilland International rose breeders of France, as they amble down the rows here. Hutton's tall, Meilland's short, but both dip and sway as they inch along, cupping blossoms in their hands and diving right in there to inhale.

Roses can smell like anything, and this is part of the fun — peaches, lemons, cloves, lavender, musk, chocolate, aftershave, impossible-to-describe, or nothing at all.

Both men suddenly stop to admire ‘Francis Meilland,' which was bred by Meilland, commercialized by Conard-Pyle, and named for Alain's father on the centenary of his birth. Already the winner of several awards in Europe, it's a 2013 All-America Rose Selection, which — as a kind of Academy Award for roses in this country — is an honor rose breeders crave.

Francis Meilland

About AARS

All-America Rose Selections is a non-profit association dedicated to the introduction and promotion of exceptional roses. The AARS runs the world's most challenging horticultural testing program, and consistently recognizes roses that will be easy to grow and require minimal care by today's busy homeowner.

Since 1938, the AARS testing program has encouraged the rose industry to improve the disease resistance, ease of care, and beauty of roses. Today, the AARS program is one of the most successful and highly regarded of its kind, having brought to the forefront some of the most popular roses in history, such as Peace, Knock Out and Bonica. AARS Winning Roses are labelled with the AARS red rose seal of approval to distinguish them from other plants in the nursery.

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Apr 27 • 2012 • AromaFragranceNoseRose NewsScentShropshireroses



Gertrude Jekyll



Think of the wonderful scents that your nose can bring you; the sweetness of a pie baking in the oven, the savory smell of bacon cooking and the aroma of fresh brewed coffee.

Naturally, there are some scents that are not so wonderful, such as something burning on the stove or the indication a baby’s diaper needs changing. Special training of one’s nose can lead to becoming a wine sommelier, a tea connoisseur or a 'rose nose' specialist.

Michael Marriott, the senior rosarian of David Austin Roses in Shropshire, has this very job of deciphering the fragrance of these English roses. His associate is another Austin 'rose nose' Robert Calkin, the acclaimed British perfumer and floral fragrance educator.

Together they amble about the nearly two-acre show garden, sniffing roses and debating and fine tuning their thoughts on its signature scent characteristics. Marriott says the fragrance in roses comes from two different sources. Most commonly it comes from the petals, but sometimes it also emanates from the stamens. This is especially true in varieties with single or semidouble flowers where stamens are abundant.

In the petals, the greater part of any rose scent originates from its mix of just four or five different primary oils. Professionals call these a scent’s 'base notes'. But rose scents are complex, with as many as 200 to 300 possible other oils present, often in minute quantities. This mix yields the wonderful richness found in rose fragrances.

The oils are formed from precursors, which are produced at the bud stage, three or four days before the flower opens. The warmer it is (within reason) at this stage, the more precursors are produced and the stronger the fragrance. The great variety of resulting oils will combine to produce the old rose, fruity, myrrh and tea fragrances.

The fragrance of the stamens of single and semidouble flowers is often musky in character, and also clove-like. Cloves are a preservative, so it could be that the fragrance does in fact help to prevent decline in the stamens. Some varieties, especially from the Hybrid Musk group of roses, combine the fragrance from both the petals and the stamens.

Marriott advises when smelling a rose, not to just give it a quick sniff. Smell it as you might savour a good wine by rolling it around the nose. Everybody's nose smells things differently, so don't be shy about describing the scents you sense or detect.

It is also important to smell several different flowers on any given bush, as some might not readily resonate, while others exuberantly exhibit their fragrance. Sometimes, the fragrance can be very different, according to the age of a particular flower.

A few of the most fragrant English roses are ‘Gerturde Jekyll’ that has an old rose fragrance that is strong, rich and perfectly balanced. ‘Lady Emma Hamilton’ is fruity with hints of pear, grape and citrus, ‘The Generous Gardener’ has an old rose fragrance of musk and myrrh, and ‘Princess Alexandra of Kent’ has a tea fragrance of lemon and black currant.

Myrrh appeared in David Austin’s first rose, the onceflowering ‘Constance Spry’, as a powerful, spicy top note inherited from one of the parents, ‘Belle Isis’, a strongly perfumed Gallica type.

‘Constance Spry’s' is considered a quintessential rose fragrance

Details of all our roses are available on our web site. Over 1000 varieties to choose from.



Dec 04 • 2011 • EnglishFlowersFragranceMaid MarionNew Roses For 2012PetalsRoseRosette

New Roses For 2012


David Austin English Rose.  2010 .  3ft

'Maid Marion' at its best, is considered to be one of the most superbly formed flowers in the English Rose collection.

The buds start as rounded cups with larger outer petals, enclosing numerous smaller petals within.   These open to the most perfect rosette-shaped flowers in the form of a saucer; the outer petals forming a perfectly rounded rim.

Their colour is a clear rose pink. The growth is relatively upright but quite bushy and compact. Initially the fragrance is a soft myrrh - as the flower ages it becomes more fruity with a distinct clove character.

'Maid Marion' was the companion of the mythical hero 'Robin Hood' of Sherwood Forest.

Essential reading for all English Rose enthusiasts.

‘The English Roses’ by David Austin. See Gardeners Gift Shop on Main Web Menu

Details of all our roses are available on our web site. Over 1000 varieties to choose from.



Nov 30 • 2011 • ColourFlower FormFragranceHealthJudgesNew ZealandNoveltyRose Newsrose societies

Rose News From Around The World


Awards for Best Roses at Trial Gardens

This weekend national and international rose growers and hybridisers will converge on the New Zealand International Rose Trial Grounds at the Esplanade Gardens to celebrate the best roses in the world

The awards will be presented on Sunday 4 December at 2.00pm by Palmerston North Deputy Mayor Jim Jefferies and John Ford, Chairman of the Trial Ground Committee.

There will be four different categories of awards, including the June Hocking Fragrance Award and the Nola Simpson Novelty Award. Any winning rose bred by a New Zealand amateur breeder is also eligible for the Silver Star of the City of Palmerston North, but the highlight of the weekend will be the presentation of The Gold Star of the South Pacific Award for the top rose.

Over the past two years 50 roses have been submitted by rose breeders from around the world. All have been cared for by Palmerston North City Council staff at the trial grounds.

“While many people visit and admire the rose gardens in the Esplanade every year, not everyone appreciates the national significance of the gardens as trial grounds,” Palmerston North Mayor Jono Naylor said.“PNCC is very proud of the dedication staff have shown at maintaining the trial grounds at international level.”

Most of the roses in the trial grounds have never been seen before in New Zealand and represent the latest trends in the rose industry.

“Rose breeders worldwide are breeding roses with more flowers and improved disease tolerance,” John Ford said. “More varieties have fragrant blooms than ever before.”

“The awards reflect the reputation of the City and the Victoria Esplanade Gardens as an internationally recognised rose growing area, particularly as the city gears up to host the World Federation of Rose Societies Regional Convention in 2013,”Mr Ford said.

The roses are all evaluated by a panel of 20 judges on characteristics including colour, fragrance, health, flower form and novelty over a two year period. The presentations will take place at the gazebo in the Dugald Mackenzie Rose Gardens.

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Nov 19 • 2011 • ArchingColourFlowersFragranceNew Roses For 2012PetalsPinkshrub



David Austin Shrub Rose 2004.  5ft.

The flowers of ‘The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild’ are in the form of deep cups filled with crisp, upstanding petals. The colour on the inside of the petals is a deep pink touched with lilac; the outside is of a paler shade. Looking at the bloom in more detail, one can see that the edges are an even deeper pink; giving a most delightful fringed effect - particularly in the earlier stages. The growth is ideal with spreading, arching branches building up into a well-rounded, mounding shrub; with its flowers nicely poised. It is very healthy. It has a strong and deliciously fruity rose fragrance, with aspects of raspberry, peach and a hint of mint. All in all, a very beautiful rose and one of our favourites.

Named after Thomas Fairchild, a nurseryman of London and Fellow of the Royal Society, who made the first recorded flower hybrid in Europe in 1720. This was a cross between a Sweet William and a carnation, which became known as ‘Fairchild’s mule’. With thanks to Michael Leapman for the name, which was the title of his excellent biography on Thomas Fairchild.

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Nov 15 • 2011 • AnniversaryAwardCitrusFragranceMaroonNew Roses For 2012Summerhybrid teaperfume



Hybrid Tea.  2006.  3ft-4ft.

An award winning Hybrid Tea of infinite charm which produces masses of large dusky plum pink blooms throughout the summer. Healthy grey green maroon foliage shows the huge blooms off to perfection. Strong citrus fragrance. A superb rose for any anniversary.

Bred by Meilland in France 2006.  Introduced into the UK 2008. Also known as 'Forget-Me-Not' AWARDS Australian National Rose Trials. Most Fragrant Rose. Australian National Rose Trials. Silver Medal. Orleans National Rose Trials. Perfume prize. Hradec Králové Rose Trials. Golden Rose. Nantes Rose Trials. First Grand Prize. Le Roeulx Rose Trials. Certificatye Of Merit. Le Roeuix Rose Trials. Fragrance Award. GOLD STANDARD AWARD WINNER 2009

Details of all our roses are available on our web site.

Over 1000 varieties to choose from.



Nov 05 • 2011 • ChaliceDiseaseEnglishFragranceGo;denJudeNew Roses For 2012yellow



David Austin. Shrub Rose. 1989.  3ft-4ft

'Jude The Obscure' vies with 'Golden Celebration' for the first place as the most magnificent of the English Roses. Its flowers are very large and of incurved chalice shape. Their colour is a pleasing medium yellow on the inside of the petals and a paler yellow on the outside. It has excellent, strong and almost disease free growth. This rose is particularly fine in a dry climate, although it may ball in the rain. A very strong, and unusual delicious fragrance with a fruity note reminiscent of guava and sweet white wine. Quite hardy plus good repeat flowering habit.

Named after the character in Thomas Hardy's novel.

Details of all our roses are available on our web site.

Over 1000 varieties to choose from.



Oct 27 • 2011 • AlbertineFragranceFranceNew Roses For 2012NorthRamblingShadeSoil



Rambling Rose

1906.   15ft-25ft

A beautiful old rambler that seems to have been popular for ever.

The bright salmon pink blooms appear in clusters over quite a long flowering period in the summer.

The blooms are a deeper pink in the centre with a yellow base.

Not for the small garden or the faint hearted as it can easily reach 25ft (8m) when mature.

Upright vigorous growth with shiny dark green leaves which are tinged with bronze green at the edges.

The late Jack Harkness described this rose as one of the most beautiful of the wichuraiana hybrids.

A very versatile rose as it will tolerate shade, poor soil, will grow on a North wall, and is a excellent rose for rambling up trees.

A pleasant fragrance which is reminiscent of apples.

Often confused with 'Albertine'

Bred in France 1906

Royal Horticultural Society Award Of Garden Merit.1993


Details of all our roses are available on our web site.

Over 1000 varieties to choose from.



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