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Jan 20 • 2013 • ClimberDrouhinFAQPatioThornlessWarmWecome.Zepherine

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.


Q. Can you tell me which roses are thornless ? A. There are very few thornless roses.  Two varieties that are thornless are the David Austin Shrub Rose KEW GARDEN and the climber ZEPHERINE DROUHIN.  There are quite a lot of almost thornless roses available. Please see the “What Rose Where” section on our web site.

Patio Climber WARM WELCOME

Q. Can I grow a climbing rose in a pot. A. Most climbing roses will grow too big and tall for a pot .  However there are quite a few small modern climbers that can be grown successfully in a large pot.   They are sold now under the title of Patio Climbers or Courtyard Climbers and bred to survive in a pot or container.  Please browse our web site under PATIO CLIMBERS and you will find numerous varieties which will fit the bill.

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