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Jan 23 • 2013 • BeautifulBelmonteDiseaseFloribunda.GoldFlowerNew Roses For 2013RosaStandard

New Roses For 2013


Floribunda 2007  2ft-3ft A very beautiful rose with a romantic story behind it.

It was named in honour of Her Excellency Donna Francesca Elbrick di Belmonte, to mark the occasion of her marriage to Tristan Elbrick as a sign of her husband's love.   'Belmonte' is part of Francesca's maiden name, after a village in Calabria, southern Italy.     (Who said romance was dead)

The rose was introduced at  Chelsea Flower Show, by  television gardener Alan Titchmarsh MBE DL

At the request of the Donna Francesca, proceeds from the sale of Rosa Belmonte are donated to support the work of the charity The Prince's Trust.)

This beautiful rose produces masses of pale pearl pink blooms in trusses throughout the season, with the bonus of a fruity fragrance with citrus undertones.

It is a bedding rose par excellence which is easy to look after and has great disease resistant.

A lovely rose for cutting.

Highly recommended.



ROSA BELMONTE   (Harpearl)

Since 2006 a few roses are selected each year for this prestigious award.   Based on cumulative information from invited independent judges, the Gold Standard is awarded to worthy varieties. 

Health,  floriferousness,  scent and commercial appeal are all considered key factors in the final choice.

Bred by Harkness Roses. UK

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Jun 17 • 2012 • BlossomDiseaseFertiliserFragranceRose Newsbloomsroses

Rose News From Around The World



It's sunny and warm, sky's fluffy with clouds, and we're walking the 10-acre field in Chester County known as "rose hell."

Really, that's what they call it, because this is where several thousand roses are set in the ground and left alone to see which ones can take the heat — and humidity, drought, wind, frost, snow, fungus, bugs, and all else. At the end of three or four years, minimum, whatever's still standing has a shot at becoming the next big star of the rose world.

They have to survive with no irrigation, no sprays for insects or disease, no protection from extreme temperatures and conditions, no fertilizer, no pruning. Nothing, because, believe it or not, these trials are meant to simulate conditions in the average American garden — and we're pretty awful to our plants.

"If it was possible to get written up for rose abuse, we would be. They have a nasty, brutish, and short life here," says Steve Hutton, president and CEO of the Conard-Pyle Co. in West Grove, where the trials are held.

The winners must do more than survive to be chosen for the marketplace. They must emerge robust and clean, with a profusion of perfectly formed, beautifully colored blooms. And one other thing helps, something traditionalists could've told you from the get-go: fragrance. Too often in the mid-20th century, it was lost, as breeders scrambled to produce the tight buds, glamorous colors, and stiff stems that now define the perfect Valentine's Day rose.

Want to know about the importance of fragrance? Watch Hutton and his longtime friend and collaborator Alain Meilland, of Meilland International rose breeders of France, as they amble down the rows here. Hutton's tall, Meilland's short, but both dip and sway as they inch along, cupping blossoms in their hands and diving right in there to inhale.

Roses can smell like anything, and this is part of the fun — peaches, lemons, cloves, lavender, musk, chocolate, aftershave, impossible-to-describe, or nothing at all.

Both men suddenly stop to admire ‘Francis Meilland,' which was bred by Meilland, commercialized by Conard-Pyle, and named for Alain's father on the centenary of his birth. Already the winner of several awards in Europe, it's a 2013 All-America Rose Selection, which — as a kind of Academy Award for roses in this country — is an honor rose breeders crave.

Francis Meilland

About AARS

All-America Rose Selections is a non-profit association dedicated to the introduction and promotion of exceptional roses. The AARS runs the world's most challenging horticultural testing program, and consistently recognizes roses that will be easy to grow and require minimal care by today's busy homeowner.

Since 1938, the AARS testing program has encouraged the rose industry to improve the disease resistance, ease of care, and beauty of roses. Today, the AARS program is one of the most successful and highly regarded of its kind, having brought to the forefront some of the most popular roses in history, such as Peace, Knock Out and Bonica. AARS Winning Roses are labelled with the AARS red rose seal of approval to distinguish them from other plants in the nursery.

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Nov 05 • 2011 • ChaliceDiseaseEnglishFragranceGo;denJudeNew Roses For 2012yellow



David Austin. Shrub Rose. 1989.  3ft-4ft

'Jude The Obscure' vies with 'Golden Celebration' for the first place as the most magnificent of the English Roses. Its flowers are very large and of incurved chalice shape. Their colour is a pleasing medium yellow on the inside of the petals and a paler yellow on the outside. It has excellent, strong and almost disease free growth. This rose is particularly fine in a dry climate, although it may ball in the rain. A very strong, and unusual delicious fragrance with a fruity note reminiscent of guava and sweet white wine. Quite hardy plus good repeat flowering habit.

Named after the character in Thomas Hardy's novel.

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Over 1000 varieties to choose from.



Oct 02 • 2011 • DiseaseNew Roses For 2012RamblerRepeat RamblerShadenorth wallperfume



Rambling Rose. 1945.   15ft.

This lovely old Rambler has been around a while, but we have included it in our Rambler section as we have had so many requests for it as it is considered to be one of the best of the repeat ramblers. Most ramblers are only summer flowering, but this is one of the few that repeat well. It produces large clusters of creamy white blooms with attractive yellow centres, plus quite a good perfume for a rambler. Leathery glossy green foliage which has excellent disease resistance. A very versatile rose as it can be grown up trees, is shade tolerant, can be grown on any aspect including a North wall and will cope with poor soils.

Won an American Rose Society Gold Medal in 1950

Bred by Tantau. Germany 1939-1945. There are some date differences of opinion regarding this rose.


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