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Dec 14 • 2013 • ContainerFlowerFragranceGardenSummerThe World's Best Rosesfashionedlovely

The World's Best Roses

THE WREN floribunda 2008 , 3ft

A very attractive modern rose with a lovely old fashioned look Massesd of blooms thoughout the season of  apricot fading to pink.  The show starts in early summer ang goes on with hardly a break until the first frosts.  The healthy medium green foliage sets the blooms off to perfection. Will grown in the garden or a large container, but for the best results place in full sun. Makes a good cut flower A very pleasant sweet fragrance. Bred by Kordes in Germany.

AWARDS Gold standard Award 2010

Also known as Floral Fairytale and Afternoon Delight

Named to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Women's Royal Naval Service. The Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS; popularly and officially known as the Wrens) was the women's branch of the Royal Navy . ... First formed in 1917 for the First World War, it was disbanded in 1919, then revived in 1939 at the beginning of the Second World War, remaining active until integrated into the Royal Navy in 1993.



A lovely new floribunda bred to raise money for York Minster. Beautiful creamy/white blooms tinged with amber.  Repeat flowers from early summer right through until autumn. Reportedly a very healthy rose with good disease resistance. A sweet and pleasant perfume.

The York Minster Rose was launched at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2011 with a presentation to HRH The Duke of York and Princess Beatrice.  The rose also featured in the 2011 award-winning Welcome to Yorkshire garden, The Art of Yorkshire.The rose was developed by Harkness roses and funds raised from sales will help to restore and preserve York Minster for future generations.

Awards. Gold Standard Award 2012

Details of all our roses are available on our web site. Over 1000 varieties to choose from.



Nov 06 • 2013 • ContainerOrangeThe World's Best Rosesbloomsfloribundaolivesalmon



Floribunda 2010  3ft

An exciting addition to our floribunda section and looks sure to be popular with Women's Institute Members. The blooms are spectacular confection of salmon and orange blends which fade to pink and yellow as the blooms age. A healthy rose with foliage of Glossy Olive green which shows the blooms off to perfection. A neat bushy plant that will brighten up any garden or should be quite happy in a large container.  Flowers from early summer right through to the autumn.The colourful blooms will give a great display as a cut flower in the house. Mild and pleasant fragrance. Bred by Fryers. AWARDS  . Gold Standard Award 2010 Certificate of Merit Belfast 2012 Australian National Rose TrIals. Bronze Medal 2009

Specially named for the Cheshire Federation of Woman's Institutes.  Also known as SAGA.

Jam And Jerusalem was also the name of a hilarious BBC comedy sit com starring Sue Johnson, Jennifer Saunders, and Dawn French.

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Oct 16 • 2013 • ClimberContainerFlowersGardenRose of the WeekWhite


White star

Climbing rose

2009  5-8ft

A lovely award winning small white climber which flowers all summer long. Plenty of attractive repeat blooms of white with golden stamens and the petals have a ruffled appearance. Quite versatile as it will grow on a South or North facing wall and is quite happy in the garden or container. Healthy glossy medium green foliage which is very disease resistant Scented. GOLD STANDARD AWARD WINNER

Since 2006 a few roses are selected each year for this prestigious award. Based on cumulative information from invited independent judges, the Gold Standard is awarded to worthy varieties. Health, floriferousness, scent and commercial appeal are all considered key factors in the final choice. For further information please see Gold Standard Roses on the Main Menu. Bred by Harkness. UK

Details of all our roses are available on our web site. Over 1000 varieties to choose from.



Jul 15 • 2012 • BlackspotContainerDeeplyFertilizerGardenMildewRose TipsWateringroses


Watering Roses

Roses Love Water

Beautiful rose bushes of varieties like Champagne and Absolutely Fabulous can easily be grown in your garden or container. All it takes is lots of sun, a little fertilizer and, of course, consistent watering. Nothing is more important for a rose bush's survival and performance than water. Roses absolutely love water. Here are a few tips to ensure you quench the thirst of the most beautiful plants in your garden:

  • In  general, soil for roses should be watered deeply, but infrequently. This  will encourage strong root growth. Even during winter, occasional watering of garden roses during dry periods will help them perform better during the next growing season.
  • Water in the morning to help prevent black spot and mildew.
  • Avoid  wetting the plant's leaves during regular watering, which can spread  disease.
  • However,  about once a week, give your rose a "shower" with a spray nozzle   hose attachment. This treatment not only adds water and humidity, it  clears leaves of dust, dirt and spider mites or other harmful insects.      Never sprinkle bushes in the afternoon or evening, which can promote  disease.
  • Container  roses will need to be watered frequently because water evaporates more      quickly from plants above ground. Initially, water the plant well to get it  firmly established.
  • Mulch (2 to 3 inches around a bush) to help retain moisture from watering and reduce future watering needs. Mulching also helps keep the soil cool and  helps control weeds.

Details of all our roses are available on our web site.

Over 1000 varieties to choose from.



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