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Aug 22 • 2012 • BloomBranchesCanopyLargest.BushRoseRose Facts & TriviaWhitegardeners

Rose Facts and Trivia

-- The world's largest rose bush is in Tombstone, Ariz. It is almost 200 years old and when in full bloom is adorned with more than 200,000 white blooms. Its trunk is nearly 6 feet in diameter, and its branches form a canopy large enough to shelter a crowd of 150 people. -- An estimated 150 million rose plants are purchased by gardeners worldwide every year. -- Until the early 19th century, dried rose petals were believed to have mysterious powers. Napoleon gave his officers bags of rose petals to boil in white wine to cure lead poisoning from bullet wounds. -- One of the oldest paintings in the world depicts a five-petaled pink rose. It resides in a cave on the island of Crete and dates to about 1450 B.C.

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