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Journal of a rose gardener…Focus on Hybrid Teas (10/08/16)

Focus on Hybrid Teas

Hybrid tea roses are modern bush roses derived from crossing a tea rose with a repeat flowering hybrid perpetual.

Hybrid tea roses are grown for their large, high centred blooms on long stems, often accompanied by a moderate to strong
fragrance, which makes them excellent cut flowers for display.

Flowering takes places in summer and again in the autumn.

Foliage tends to be sparse.

Their short upright growth habit and requirement for hard pruning, enabling ongoing maintenance of size and shape, makes them most suited to narrow beds. 

Popular hybrid teas include: 


Arguably the most famous hybrid tea, named to commemorate the end of WWII.  

Given to delegates at the inauguration of the United Nations in 1945.

Golden yellow blooms suffused with cerise pink.

A tough rose performing on poor soil even when neglected. Repeat flowering. 

Just Joey
An award winning rose, popular for over 30 years, with large and loose
copper – orange blooms which are rain resistant. Repeat flowering. 

Big Chief

Deep crimson blooms and a strong fragrance. Repeat flowering.

This rose is available online only via our website 

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