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Journal of a Rose Gardener...Choosing a rose 03/08/16

One of the most important considerations when purchasing a rose, is not the form, colour, or scent, but, less romantically, whether it is suitable for your intended function and position, and how much care you are able to give it.
For example, do you wish to grow a rose on a trellis by your front door (Climber), place a rose in a border with companion plants (Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Shrub), or train a group of roses into an informal hedge (Rugosa)?

Is your soil fertile and well drained, or poor and dry? Whilst you can improve your soil by adding manure, there are some rose types (shrubs, climbers and ramblers) and varieties which will adapt better to poor conditions than others, and therefore will require less care and be less prone to failure. Does the intended position receive at least 4 hours of direct sunlight a day? Roses like sun, but some varieties are shade tolerant. Roses for Shaded areas

All of these questions may seem overwhelming, but don't let it put you off buying a rose, which you will enjoy for years and potentially decades to come. Come into the shop and discuss your plans with Jack or Mary, who can help you select the right rose type for you, and show you to the various varieties in our nursery.

A good rose is evenly branched, with ideally at least 3 main stems, which do not cross (as this leads to damage and disease). Foliage should be plentiful with minimal signs of diseases (commonly blackspot and rust) or pests (aphids).
If you are shopping online, our website allows you to filter roses by type, occasion, colour, location and height, and of course we are always available to give guidance over the phone (01939 211900) should you get in a muddle!
We also have a variety of simple rose care leaflets available in the shop and online.

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