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Journal of a rose gardener 15/09/16

As summer comes to an end CGR staff are making plans for autumn works to the garden, including further work on the wildlife and woodland areas surrounding the pond, and a complete overhaul of the walled border.

To the wildlife area a log pile, insect houses and bird feeders will be introduced. Hopefully we may be lucky in attracting a hedgehog or two to the leaf pile behind.

We are also looking at widening the range of aquatic planting in our pond, with a particular view to providing appropriate grasses for dragonfly to lay their larvae next breeding season.;

The walled border is to be cut back hard, dug over, and mulched thoroughly before planting.

Discussions are taking place on the style of the new planting scheme, with current plans taking an informal cottage garden approach incorporating more sensory aspects such as taste (herbs to complement our planned vegetable garden and tearoom dishes), smell (heavily scented plants to complement our roses) and sound (tall grasses and plants with dried seeds to sway and rustle in the breeze).

Do feel free to pop into the shop with any suggestions that you might have, or requests for next year’s stock, whether it be plants, pots, or something entirely new. We would love to hear from you.


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