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Journal of a rose gardener 13/01/2017

It's time to strip and trim...your rose bush

This week in the gardens we have been stripping our rose bushes of any remaining leaves and lightly trimming them into shape. With the recent frosts we have been having, we feel it is a little too soon to start any serious pruning.

Dead leaves and stalks on herbaceous perennials have been cut back to fresh growth, or in its absence, right to the ground, leaving enough of the plant remaining so that we don’t forget that it is there!

Leaves which have fallen from overhead tree canopies have been raked up and added to the compost heap.

Whilst there are a good number of tulip, daffodil and crocus bulbs starting to peek through the soil, the borders are now looking a little bereft. 

Simple yet stunning use of space
Winter is an excellent time to address the empty spaces in your garden and add some features to provide year round interest. You may like to add an entirely practical feature, such as a bench on which to sit and survey your hard work.

We currently have in stock two beautiful stoneware benches, (£119.95 each) which require less maintenance than wooden benches, and have a significantly longer life, making them surprisingly cost efficient. 

You may wish to add the tranquil sound of running water to the garden. We have 1 and 2 tier wooden barrel water features (starting from £189.99), which are self-contained, and can be quickly added to the garden for instant impact.

Are you feeling creative?
We have a range of oak barrels (£49.99 - £84.99), which can be filled with water and pond plants, such as water lilies.

Follow this link to be inspired

Do send us in photos of your gardens on Facebook, we would love to see the first signs of spring as they appear across Shropshire, and any especially beautiful or intriguing garden features.

Don't forget to visit our Tearoom on your next visit, we have a great new chef who's gorgeous creations taste sublime.

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