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Everything Is Looking Blooming Fantastic!

Thanks to all the great weather we've had recently, Country Garden Roses is about to burst into flower, and we are looking forward to being able to share the colour and roses with you here on our blog.

With lots of roses ready to spring into action, we thought we would bring you a list of what's nearly ready in our nursery, so you can brighten up your garden with some early flowering roses, or brighten up someone else's day with a beautiful gift!

Just click on the name under the picture to see more details about the roses pictured below.


Burgundy Ice


Darcey Bussell


The Mayflower


Rosa Belmonte


Canary Bird

This is just a small selection of the many roses we have on the nursery that are ready to burst into flower! If you don't believe us, come and see for yourself!

New Roses
For 2021


Rose Care


Our Simple Guide
to Rose Care

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