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Shrewsbury Flower Show 2016

The Country Garden Roses show garden, at Shrewsbury Flower Show 2016, has been awarded a silver gilt.



Journal of a Rose Gardener...Choosing a rose 03/08/16

Purchasing a rose?  Is it suitable for your intended function? How much care you are supposed to give it? Is your soil fertile and well drained? or poor and dry? Does the intended position receive enough direct sunlight a day?

These questions and more answered this week.



Journal of a rose gardener...Blackspot 25/07/16

Rose Blackspot, appears as soon as leaves appear on roses in early spring, and will continue until the leaves fall in autumn.

It infects the leaves, causing leaves to turn yellow and fall. Small, black lesions may also appear on young stems.

To learn more about combating black spot, click



Journal of a rose pot or not to pot 21/07/16

We are often asked by customers whether they can place the rose which they have chosen in a pot in the garden. If the rose is a patio (for example. Diamond, Elizabeth, Queen Mother) , compact floribunda (Ballerina, Darcy Bussell, Flower Carpet) or compact climber, (Cinderella, Good as Gold, Star Performer) it will be happy in a pot, but hybrid tea roses, larger climbers and ramblers will struggle.



Journal of a rose gardener...Weeds..tearoom..shows 07/07/16

Its been busy, busy, busy here at the Nursery , so we thought we would give you a heads up on the following, planting pond margins, dealing with problem weeds, deadheading roses...and more

The tearoom is in full swing providing legendary homemade cakes and scones.

We are at Shrewsbury Flower show, Wem Vehicles Of Interest Show, where we would love to meet you and a offer advise.



May 27 • 2016

Everything Is Looking Blooming Fantastic!

With lots of roses ready to spring into action, we thought we would bring you a list of what's nearly ready in our nursery, so you can brighten up your garden with some early flowering roses, or brighten up someone else's day with a beautiful gift!

Click read more to see the list and pictures...



Apr 26 • 2016

What to do in the Garden in April and May

Wondering what needs doing in your garden as summer draws closer? Click read more to see our blog post for gardening tips this April and May!



Mar 10 • 2016

What To Do In The Garden In March

The Gardens are starting to awaken and colour is now returning. The snowdrops are out up the back drive and the crocus in the garden are opening in the sunlight. The daffodils are showing their heads too! Although the days are cold it's time to start getting back out into the garden. When you get to work, with the winter sun on your back, it's actually quite pleasant out there!

Click read more to read on about what to do in your garden this March...



Feb 29 • 2016

This Week at the Nursery 29/02/2016

The rabbit fence is complete and so far, "touch wood", we've had no trouble from our furry friends!

The pond has been fenced back in to make it dog and child safe! But don't worry we will be creating seating areas for you to sit and look out across the water. As I'm sure you can all appreciate, the wet weather has set us back with the planting schedule. So it will be full steam ahead now the weather has improved!

Click Read More to see pictures and find out what else has been going on at the nursery... 



Feb 21 • 2016


A stunning shrub rose new to our collections, and named in 2010 by its breeder, Peter Beales, for Sir Terry Wogan, who sadly passed away last month...


Click read more for more information on this rose, and the man for which it was named... 



Jan 25 • 2016

This Week at the Nursery 25/01/2016

The Rabbit fence is being erected as we speak and plans to open out the view through the garden centre are under way. Ron our trusty handy man has been working away all morning cutting back and digging out an Aucuba. We don't like to kill off and remove plants and this was undertaken after careful consideration. It had outgrown it's spot, it was impacting on the growth of a number of other plants and was generally making a nuisance of itself.

 Click Read More to find out what else has been going on at the nursery...



Jan 12 • 2016

This Week at the Nursery 11/01/2016

Over the past couple of months everyone has been working flat out to get the bare root roses potted up and sent out. This is still ongoing as the roses were late going dormant and we are still receiving them from the growers...



Nov 08 • 2015

This Week at the Nursery - 08/11/2015

The past couple of weeks have been extremely hectic!

Read on to find out what we've been up to at the nursery the past few weeks, and find out which delicious bakes are available at our idyllic tea room at the moment... 




Oct 25 • 2015

The Many Wonderful Uses Of The Rose

Any one who is into a spot of foraging will know that the rose hip is a treasure. Containing a whopping 2,000mg of vitamin C per 100g pre processing. And the petals of a rose flower can be used in all manor of things. But did you know that the leaves of roses have a use too?! Well neither did I until quite recently...



Oct 18 • 2015

Protecting Roses Against Black Spot

One of the most common questions we are asked here at Country Garden Roses is about Black Spot and other Fungal Diseases and what are the best ways to remove these pests from your garden and protect your roses from them. This is our simple guide to protecting your roses from Black Spot...



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