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January Newsletter

Just a quick reminder that our Bare Root Rose Season finishes at the end of JANUARY.   As the winter so far has been extremely mild, many of our roses are coming out of dormancy so we will start potting everthing up in a few weeks. Please get yout Bare Root Orders in as soon aas possible.  If the weather deteriorates and it gets much colder we will have a think again and keep you informed.


Our new range of Posh Bird houses have bea huge success, so much so that we have doubled out stock and varieties

They obviously went down very well as Christmas gifts as we almost sold just before Christmas. However the factory turned up trumps and we did not have to let anyone down.

Apart from being very decorative and beautifully finished in they also bring more birds into the garden which means less green fly and troublesome insects on the roses.

Some people hvave even put them on their window ledges nd are able to see the new inhabitants from the comfort of their sof'as.  All in all,  a resounding success and a great boon to the garden and gardeners.

Rose Cuttings Grown On their own roots This year we are growing lots of New Rose Cuttings grown on their own roots.

   Advantages of Own-Root Roses

Own-root roses have increased vigor and bloom plus higher disease resistance. Also eliminates complicated pruning.  Instead just sheer back to promote more foliage and blooms.

Own-root roses have longer life expectancy.

In cold climates, roses on their own roots tend to be not only hardier, but also to remain true to the original variety should they die back in winter. The bud union of a grafted rose is the most vulnerable spot to cold and it can be easily damaged in a cold winter. In contrast, own root roses can freeze all the way to the ground and because they have their own root system, they come back as the same rose originally purchased.

Own-root roses naturally send up shoots from the soil, which eventually creates a shapelier bush than a grafted rose, plus more flowers.

Decreased likelihood of rootstock suckers.

The elimination of grafting guarantees that your roses will always be the same rose you selected when it was purchased. If you’ve ever had a beautiful yellow rose turn red or white, you know what we’re talking about!

In the early stages they are smalle and cheaper to post or deliver due to being a lot lighter in weight.

At the moment we are only producing The old fashioned Shrub roses and selected climbers

If you are interested in Rose Cuttings grown on their own roots, drop us an e mail andwe will keep you up to dte with avaiilbility etc.


We are often asked "Which are our favourite Roses" ? And "Which roses would we recommend" ? Unfortunately our favourites change quite often as their are so many fabulous new roses coming on the market every year.  Which roses we recommend is easier as we always have a few criteria that never changes.  HEALTH, PERFUME AND RELIABILITY.   Health is always top of our list as their is no point in having a beautiful rose if it s covered in disease through the summer.  Perfume comes next as this is always what most customers ask for. Reliability . All good roses should perform well year after year with the minimum of fuss.

With these rules in mind we have arrived at OUR MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Each of our seven has proven Reliable, Healthy over the years and they always delight us with their various perfumes and colours

For full details pease see the  OUR MAGNIFICENT SEVEN  on our Web Site

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