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Q. What is meant by the term “Shrub Rose” A. SHRUB ROSES are often defined as roses that do not fit into any of the other classifications of rose types such as Hybrid Teas Floribundas etc. They are a “mixed bag” of roses that differ greatly in size and colour. Shrub roses tend to be hardier than other rose types and can be grown as specimens in the garden, in groups, or many make ideal flowering hedges. Most shrub roses are scented, fairly disease resistant and require very little maintenance. They are a mixture of wild species, old garden roses from around the world and hybrids developed in recent years. VARIETIES OF SHRUB ROSES. (Albas) Very old roses which are summer flowering, mostly scented and disease resistant. Example Alba Semi Plena. (Bourbons) Emerged in the mid-nineteenth century and were very popular in Victorian times. Very diverse in habit and colour. Repeat flowering. Example. La Reine Victoria. (Centifolias) Centuries old “roses of the hundred petals” They produce large scented flowers of exquisite shape. Example. Fantin Latour (Chinas) First appeared in the mid-eighteenth century. Long flowering season, healthy shiny foliage and usually very liable. Example. Gruss An Aachen. (Damasks) Some of this group date back to roman times. Very healthy, distinct Damask perfume and very beautiful. Example. Madame Hardy. (Portlands) Some of the finest and useful of old roses. Many are not very big and can be grown in pots or containers. Continuous flowering or repeat flowering. Ideal for bedding or hedges . Example. Rose de Rescht. (Gallicas) Some of the oldest cultivated roses are in this group. A compact scented rose in various colours from purple-maroon to pink. Example. Charles de Mills. (Hybrid Perpetuals) The most popular group of roses in Victorian Times. Very diverse in flowering habit and size. Most repeat flower in autumn. Examples. . Ferdinand Pichard. Hugh Dickson.    (Modern Shrub Roses) Many families of roses have contributed to the modern rose varieties. Hybrid Teas, Floribundas etc. Examples. Blue Moon. Champagne Moment. (Moss Roses) An unusual but attractive group with mossed buds and stems. They vary in height and colour and are mostly scented. Example. William Lobb. (Hybrid Musks) A useful group that evolved in the early 20th century. Healthy and free flowering and the blooms are produced in large clusters. Scented. Ideal for hedging, specimen or group planting. Example. Buff Beauty. (Rugosas) See Rugosa pages on main menu. (Noisettes) A very beautiful range of climbers which are highly scented and free flowering. Example. Blush Noisette. (Species Roses) The original dog roses which have grown in the wild for thousands of years. Example. Rosa Rubrifolia. (English Roses) David Austin. A modern shrub rose which has retained the old fashioned look plus a repeat flowering habit. A very beautiful range and most of the range are highly perfumed. For further details please SHRUB ROSES on  our web site.

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