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YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL Rose Of The Year 2013

Q. Who decides which rose is named “Rose Of The Year” A.  Rose Of The Year® was introduced in 1982 and its aim is to discover by trials the best rose(s) in any given year. Rose breeders are invited, through Roses UK, to enter what they consider to be the best of their up and coming varieties in to the Rose of the Year competition; generally up to 20 varieties are submitted annually. Trials are conducted throughout the UK from as far north as Aberdeen, to Hampshire in the South, Northern Ireland and East Anglia with the varieties trialled in different soil and climate conditions. The trial lasts for a two year period and is judged by both amateurs and professional with the most worthy variety being selected as Rose Of The Year®. Selection is some 6 years in advance of its availability to allow for the building up of sufficient stock levels for its introduction to the public. The latest half dozen are Rose Of The Year 2013 “You’re Beautiful”   2012 “Moment In Time” 2011 “Joie De Vivre”  2010 “Absolutely Fabulous”   2009 “Lucky” For more details please see  ROSE OF THE YEAR page on our web site.

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