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Q, I would like to fill my garden with highly perfumed roses.  Which varieties do you recommend. A. The choice of highly perfumed roses is immense.  Unfortunately it is one of the areas that cause the most arguments.  What one person describes as highly perfumed, another person will disagree and describe the perfume as mild.    Roses have one of the most complex, widely ranging perfumes of all flowers. The weather conditions on the day before the rose opens, the age of the flower, the season and even the time of day all influence the fragrance of an individual bloom. On our web site we have listed all the roses which we stock and are generally described as highly perfumed.  See Highly Perfumed Roses on the main menu. The varieties we can recommend are as follows. CHANDOS BEAUTY. DOUBLE DELIGHT. FIREFIGHTER. GERTRUDE JEKYLL. JUDE THE OBSCURE. MUNSTEAD WOOD. PAPA MEILLAND. SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY. THE ANNIVERSARY ROSE and WOLLERTON OLD HALL.  

Details of all our roses are available on our web site. Over 1000 varieties to choose from. (click below)

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