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ROSES could be planted for every child born in Falmouth under plans being studied by the town council.

The idea was put forward by Councillor David Sterratt, chairman of the council's finance and general purposes committee.

He said he had learnt of the idea during the Euro 2012 football tournament, as the Ukrainian capital Kiev had planted thousands over the years to celebrate births.

"I thought it would be nice here for each child to have an allotted rose," he said.

Cornwall Council has expressed support in principal, saying the idea could improve areas of the town where there was no planting.

However, town councillors voiced concern at the possible cost; one quote for 200 roses was £3,000.

Finance officer Ruth Thomas said the roses selected needed to "have longevity, be visually striking and have a nice scent".

Roses planted about 20 years ago around the Killigrew Monument at Grove Place were still flourishing, she said.

Vicki Marshall, known in west Cornwall as the Garden Lady, who supplied these plants, had been delighted to see them doing so well on a recent visit.

"The garden remains a delight to locals and visitors alike," she said. "All enjoy the perfumed, magical space that has been created."

She said this was the type of garden councils should be creating, moving away from the formula of bedding schemes which did not help wildlife and were costly to maintain.

The price quoted by Cornwall council contractor Cormac, including preparing the bed, worked out at £15 per rose plant.

It was agreed to investigate costs further before bringing the subject back to a future meeting.

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