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Cecile Brunner


With reference to a recent article in the newspaper about the Ena Harkness Rose, I believe that I can almost equal the age given by Mrs Greaves.

When I was a child, my grandfather, Bill Kirby, was a police officer and part of his beat was Abbey Park.

As a toddler, I was often taken for a walk there when he was on duty and was allowed to go into the hothouse by the gardeners and the park keepers.

One of the park keepers, a gentleman called Tommy Kingston, always welcomed me and, despite rationing, always found a sweet or a piece of chocolate for me.

One day, my grandpa came home with a beautiful little rose bush, with tiny pink roses and the loveliest perfume, a present from Mr Kingston for my third birthday in 1942.

It was planted in my parents' garden, and then moved when they moved into another house in 1959. When I married in 1967, it moved again and it continues to delight me every year.

Over the years, I have taken cuttings and recently gave a bush to my granddaughter, together with the story of how it came to me.

I understand that it was first bred in France in 1881, and is a miniature rose called Cecile Brunner.

One thing that has fascinated me over the years is the time it blooms.

My birthday is at the beginning of June and growing up, I always wished that at least one bud would be in bloom in time for my birthday but it rarely was, the first flowers blossoming later in the month.

Interestingly, over the past 15 years or so, the flowers have come into bloom earlier and earlier.

This year, they were out during the first week of May.

Global warming?

MJ Barnfield, Glenfield.

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Cecile Brunner

Shrub   Roses (Old Fashioned and Modern)

Year:   1880

Height:   3ft

This long lived variety, which is classed as an Old Garden Rose, China, by some authorities, patently has its origins in Asia, although authorities are divided between Rosa Multiflora and R.Chinensis, Almost thornless, it repeatedly produces large clusters of very small, perfectly shaped pink blooms. The long, pointed buds open to pale, silvery pink blooms. The perfectly formed miniature blooms are double and rise above light red peduncles. It is a small bush with sparse dull green foliage but is very healthy. The shrub is low growing, which makes it ideal for small gardens, small beds or even containers. The continuous blooming is one reason that is has been so popular for so long, The scent is sweet and slightly spicy. Also known as 'The Sweetheart Rose' and 'Maltese Rose' & 'Mademoiselle Cecil Brunner' Named for the daughter of Ulrich Brunner, renowned rose grower at Lausanne. Switzerland. Royal Horticultural Society Award Of Garden Merit. 1994. Entered in the "Old Rose Hall Of Fame by the World Federation Of Rose Societies. The Old Rose Hall Of Fame recognizes roses of historical or genealogical importance, and the roses which have enjoyed continued popularity over a great many years. Highly Recommended.


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