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David Austin English Rose.  2010 .  3ft

'Maid Marion' at its best, is considered to be one of the most superbly formed flowers in the English Rose collection.

The buds start as rounded cups with larger outer petals, enclosing numerous smaller petals within.   These open to the most perfect rosette-shaped flowers in the form of a saucer; the outer petals forming a perfectly rounded rim.

Their colour is a clear rose pink. The growth is relatively upright but quite bushy and compact. Initially the fragrance is a soft myrrh - as the flower ages it becomes more fruity with a distinct clove character.

'Maid Marion' was the companion of the mythical hero 'Robin Hood' of Sherwood Forest.

Essential reading for all English Rose enthusiasts.

‘The English Roses’ by David Austin. See Gardeners Gift Shop on Main Web Menu

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