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One of the most common requests we have is to suggest climbing roses that will grow on a North wall .  Over the next few weeks we will highlight all  the climbers we have  that will  tolerate a Northern aspect.

However you have to accept a simple golden rule.

“More sun. More flowers”


Climbing Rose.

1930.   10ft-15ft

(Rose Of The Week)

New Dawn has very few faults and some great attributes that make it an all-time favourite of many rose growers.

Masses of large pale pearl pink blooms in clusters and always seems to be in flower from summer through to autumn.

Good disease resistance on glossy dark green foliage.

A very versatile rose that has won many awards and will also grow on a North wall and cope with poorer soils.

Sweetly Scented.

Royal Horticultural Society Award Of Garden Merit 1993

World's Favourite Rose 1997

'New Dawn' was voted the World's Favourite Rose in 1997 by the World Federation Of Rose Societies.  The Federation also entered the rose into the Society's Rose Hall Of Fame, an honour shared with just  13  other roses.

Also known as 'The New Dawn'  & 'Everblooming Dr.W.Van Fleet'


Climbing Rose.

1957.   12ft

The long pointed buds of this rose open to reveal velvety-crimson flowers with a small centre of yellow stamens plus a little white and purple at the base of the petals.

The blooms are borne in large clusters and hold their colour well in any weather.

Glossy dark green foliage with good disease  resistance.

Quite a sight in full flush.

A tough climber that will also grow on a North wall, plus it is shade tolerant and will cope with poorer soils.

This rose is one of the best of the Kordesii roses because of its freedom and abundance of flowers.

If you are looking for a red climber, you will love this variety.

Highly recommended.


Anerkannte Deutsche Rose 1960


Climbing Rose

1915.  15f-20ft

A good strong vigorous climber with massive blooms of clear lemon white.

Although only summer flowering the blooms last a long time and are extremely beautiful.

They hold their form well for a long time, and for many years this beautiful rose was a firm favourite with exhibitors.

The branches are quite thick so needs to be attached firmly to a wall or structure.

The large green leaves are rather sparse, but this old favourite can grow almost twice as big as the average climber.

More sun, more flowers but this rose will also grow on a North wall and will cope with shade and poor soil.

Good disease resistance with a sweet fragrance.

Also known as 'Lemon Pillar'  & 'Mrs John Whicher'

National Rose Society Gold Medal.


Climbing Rose

1915.   10ft

Masses of bright scarlet double flowers in large sprays.

Only summer flowering over a fairly long period but an incredible show when in full bloom .

The blooms are borne so prolifically that in summertime beneath the massed effect of colour the leaves are almost obscured from view.

Does repeat flower occasionally.

Ample Mid green semi glossy foliage with average disease resistance.

Was once the top climbing rose for many years.

Very useful as it will also grow on a North wall and cope with shade and poorer soils.

If it has any drawbacks it is that it does get a bit of mildew in dry sites, so they should be avoided.

Light Honey Fragrance.

National Rose Society Gold Meadow.  1915

Bagatelle Gold Medal 1918

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