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Starting in early November, the Japanese firm Suntory will for the first time introduce its blue rose APPLAUSE in North America. With nearly 100% blue-pigmented petals, APPLAUSE is the world’s first blue rose, a technically sophisticated flower with a delicate blue color.

APPLAUSE captivated the international audience when it first went on sale in Tokyo in 2009. Suntory said the flower will make an exquisite gift for special occasions including proposals, anniversaries and birthdays. It will be sold in North America at select florists.

Roses have been growing for at least 5,000 years and have long been objects signifying desire and romance. However because roses lack the plant pigment delphinidin, which gives a blue coloring, a naturally occurring blue rose is impossible. Despite the tens of thousands of varieties of roses that have been created through traditional rose breeding, achieving a blue rose had still remained out of reach. Redefining the impossible

Suntory embarked on research with the aim of developing a blue rose in 1990 with their Australian subsidiary, Florigene, now Suntory Flowers. Success was finally achieved in 2004 after introducing a gene for blue pigment from a pansy. In 2009, after nearly two decades of research and developmental work, sales of the blue rose began for the first time.

Suntory said it selected the name APPLAUSE as the name for its blue rose as a symbol of congratulations for those whose dreams have come true, as well as of encouragement for those pursuing a dream, whatever it may be.

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