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An angry gardener has turned detective in a bid to catch a rose thief.

CCTV footage has been posted on YouTube of a man in a baseball cap approaching the front garden of a house in Wrexham in the dead of night.

After checking to see if anyone is watching, the thief breaks a huge bunch of roses from a bush before making off with them.

But the aggrieved householder captured the crime on camera and posted the video, titled You’ve Been Caught Red Handed, online with the caption: “Wrexham rose thief has been caught. It is disgusting crime.”

The mystery detective is not the first to use social media in an attempt to catch criminals. Earlier this month the Daily Post reported how 21-year-old assault victim Barry Machells tracked down his attacker on Facebook, which eventually led to his arrest.

And in August last year, Mary Bale was caught on CCTV throwing four-year-old cat Lola into a bin outside her owners' home in Coventry.

It is unclear from the footage, uploaded on July 17, exactly where the rose theft took place, but Wrexham inspector Alex Goss said officers will investigate the footage.

He said: “We will look into thefts of plants from gardens. We have recently had a report of plant pots being taken, so it is generally something we will deal with if we are informed. But we have had no reports of this incident yet and I am not aware of any other rose thefts in the Wrexham area.”

Steve Graves, social media expert at Wrexham’s Glyndr University, said the incident is an example of the growing power of the internet.

He added: “People are increasingly using social media in all aspects of life. Social media is about putting power in to the hands of ordinary people, and this is just another example of how sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are being used in ever more inventive ways by the public.”

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