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Climbing Rose  10ft-15ft.   1966.

This is an excellent climbing rose for walls and fences and to train up a pillar or on a pergola.

The saucer shaped scented blooms are fairly large, about 5ins across  with about 7 petals, and open wide to show yellow stamens.

A rich and bright deep scarlet, becoming crimson, they repeat flower throughout the summer and autumn against a background of large dark leaves.

The plant grows vigorously with stiff branching stems to the average height one expects of a climber  10ft-15ft though it is apt to flower high unless it is trained to the horizontal.

The flowers, which may appear one to a stem, are more often borne several together in wide clusters which explains why this variety can be described by the Royal National Rose Society as a Cluster-Flowered Climber, and by the American Rose Society as a Large Flowered Climber.

'Altissimo'   Italian for 'in the highest' is an appropriate name for this climber which has won numerous awards around the world.


One of our favourite climbers.

Royal National Rose Society Award Of Garden Merit 1993

Also known as 'Sublimely Single'   &   'Altus'

Bred by Delbard. France. 1966.

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