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Rosa Rubrifolia GLAUCA

Shrub Rose

Before 1830     6ft-7ft

An old favourite which is native to the mountains of central and southern Europe and is  often grown for its unusual foliage alone.

Unique plum grey foliage and purple stems which are much used by flower arrangers.  (Rubrifolia means redleaved)

Single star like flowers of soft lilac pink with soft creamy-yellow stamens.

Flowers in early summer followed by hips that are at first red, then turn to a burnished coppery purple in the autumn.

A very unusual and attractive rose which is almost thornless.

The species makes an excellent and vigorous shrub that can be kept under control by regular pruning, which encourages lots of colourful young shoots for the flower arrangers

Kept pruned it can also make a very attractive hedge.

Grow in full sun to maximise the quality of leaf colour.

A very healthy and trouble free rose and definitely one for the rose enthusiasts.

Royal Horticultural Society Award Of Garden Merit

Also known as Rosa Glauca and The Red Leaf Rose.

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