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Shrub Rose  3ft A rose of great antiquity.  Unknown origin but before 1240

A lovely old rose of great antiquity and possibly the oldest rose to be cultivated in Europe.  It is certainly the oldest and most famous of the Gallica  roses.

It has been used for medicinal purposes ever since its birth, and it is also part of the story of the War Of The Roses. 

The semi double blooms change from bright crimson to near purple, and are crowned with prominent yellow stamens.

The branches have very few thorns and attractive dark green matte foliage, plus a good crop of hips in winter.  Can also be used for potpourri as the petals hold their fragrance well when dried.

Summer flowering with good disease resistance.

A very tough and useful rose which can be grown in the garden or in a large container.

Tolerant of poor soil and shade and makes a lovely scented hedge.

Also known as "The Red Rose Of Lancaster" "Officinalis" "Apothecary's Rose"

One of the few roses that Empress Josephine grew in her garden at Malmaison which is still available today.









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