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(Meisar,Meicasar) Hybrid Tea Rose

1963. 3ft-4ft The blackish red elegant pointed buds on this lovely rose open to reveal dark velvety-crimson high centred blooms of exquisite form.

Sends out one bloom per stem on long straight stems which are ideal for cutting.  Quite a good repeat cycle through the summer.   Dead head regularly to speed up the re-blooming cycle.

Leathery olive green glossy foliage.

Not the hardiest of roses and needs a cosy spot to thrive.    Hardly a rose for the beginner as it is quite difficult to grow successfully , needs regular spraying to keep it clean, and is quite a challenge even for an experienced rose grower.  However despite its flaws it is considered to be one of the most beautiful  red roses in the world, plus one of the most fragrant, so well worth the extra effort.

  The stunning blooms make it a  a very good exhibition rose  and a wonderful cut flower.

Strong Damask fragrance.

Described by the growers as “The Rose Of The Century”


Baden Baden Gold Medal 1962 Geneva Perfume Cup 1963

James Alexander Fragrance Medal 1974 Memphis Rose Society. Most fragrant Hybrid Tea. 2001

Bred  in France and named by Alain Meilland as a fitting tribute to his grandfather Antoine.     The Meilland family have been growing roses for six generations and have produced many famous roses which include the world famous  ’Peace’  rose.


'Papa Meilland' was voted the World's Favourite Rose in 1988 by the World Federation Of Rose Societies.  The Federation also entered the rose into the Society's Rose Hall Of Fame  an honour shared with just  13  other roses.




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