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 China Shrub Rose   4ft-10ft Before 1894

A charming old China rose in the right climate. 

It grows well in the UK but rarely reaches above 5ft.  However in warmer climates it can easily reach 10ft plus.  Although it is a hardy variety it does not do very well in cold climates and can be damaged with severe frosts.

Unusual single blooms that change through yellow and pink to crimson.

The flowers are butterfly like and are borne in large masses and are unaffected by rain.

It was also named the Butterfly Rose, as when the blooms are all out the bush appears to be covered in a flock of Butterflies.

The name 'Mutablis' is the Latin word for 'changeable'

Perpetual flowering and can be kept as a shrub but will climb if trained.  Its long flowering season is typical of the China roses  ‘Mutablis’ is one the first roses to flower in the late spring, and continues well into the autumn.

A very old and popular shrub rose which makes a fine specimen plant.

Excellent disease resistance and will cope with some shade.

Can also be grown in a large container.

We have seen it grown as a very attractive and interesting hedge which is a real eye catcher. Scented.

 Royal Horticultural Society Award Of Garden Merit.

 Also known as  "Rosa Chinensis Mutablis"  and   "Butterfly Rose" and “Tipo Ideale”



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