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Hybrid Perpetual or Bourbon Shrub Rose.  1921.  4ft

A lovely old flamboyant rose with a blooms of blush pink, carmine and crimson, with stripes of reddish purple reminiscent of an impressionist painting.   Luscious  pale lettuce green foliage sets off the blooms to perfection and is often described and one of the most  attractive of the striped varieties.

Repeat flowers well in flushes through the season  and pretty versatile as it will grow in most areas plus  poorer soils.

Can grow upwards of 4ft and will make a short climber with a bit of support.   Plant in full sun and dead head regularly for best results.  Has very few problems and is quite disease resistant and easy to grow,

Given the Award Of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society.

One of our most popular shrub roses, and one of the best of the striped roses.

The lovely perfume which has been described as  freshly picked raspberries and Damask.   A stunning rose which  makes a  very glamorous  and perfumed cut flower. Best lightly pruned in late winter or early spring.  To encourage new young growth,  prune back a few of the oldest stems each year. There is some disagreement as to whether this is a Hybrid Perpetual or Bourbon rose.   The distinguished horticulturist Graham Thomas  listed it as a Bourbon and often wore a bloom in his buttonhole.

Bred in France by Remi  Tanne 1921 Most modern striped roses descend from Ferdinand Pichard.





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