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Hybrid Musk. Shrub Rose. 1924.  3ft-5ft

This is a large, arching shrub with vigorous, but long relaxed branches, and as with most Hybrid Musks is pretty disease free and has very few problems.

It flowers continuously through summer and into autumn and produces a lovely show of fat orange-pink hips in winter.  The  first main flush in late spring  is truly wonderful .  Although  Penelope flowers beautifully right through the summer until the first frosts , the later summer blooms  are not quite as prolific but are just as delightful ‘

The trusses of double, medium sized blooms are of a delicate light pink and apricot shades fading to white with age.  The overall loose form of the flowers give this bush an “old rose” type of charm. The  abundant young foliage has a beautiful copper tint which turns to glossy dark green with age.    Most Hybrid Musks are very fragrant and Penelope does not disappoint as the blooms have a strong heady musk fragrance ,  which is probably why Penelope is one of the favourites in this group of roses.

'Penelope' is very versatile and makes a fine specimen rose in the garden or an effective informal hedge.  It can also be trained as a climber and is useful for growing over walls or fences or climbing pillars.   It is also one of those obliging roses that blooms even in partial shade and is almost thornless.    AWARDS

National Rose Society Gold Medal. 1925

Royal Horticultural Society Award Of Garden Merit. 1993

Generally speaking,  Hybrid Musks are very hardy, floriferous, easy on the eye and easy to maintain.

Penelope was bred in the UK by the Rev. Joseph Pemberton (1852-1926) Pemberton was one of a long line of Anglican  clergymen who were also horticulturists .   He was responsible for creating many beautiful  Hybrid Musks, many of which are still available today.    He tended to name many of his roses after women, and Penelope, Felicia, Cornelia, Kathleen and Francesca are still  around and as popular as ever.

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