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Shrub/Floribunda Rose. 2ft-3ft.  1909A superb rose which produces large clusters of blooms of pale orange- red plus  yellow in the bud stage.    As the blooms open they change to a  beautiful blend of pearly pink blush and cream with an attractive silky sheen on the petals.   The strength of colour is often determined by the weather and the difference in colours can be quite pronounced.   The shape of the blooms can be very similar to an English David Austin rose and are often mistaken for one of that variety.   A good repeat flowering habit, and in our opinion and is probably one of the most beautiful roses we have ever sold.   The blooms are very weather tolerant, and the rich dark green foliage is healthy and disease free. An excellent bedding rose with the bonus of  a great perfume which makes it a great rose for cutting.    The perfume is a cross between the classical Tea Rose and honey.     Not a very large variety so will  grow in a container quite successfully.    For the best results dead head regularly and only prune lightly in the spring.

The roses ancestry is very complex, so rosarian’s around the world never seem too agree on how to classify it, is it a Floribunda a Hybrid Tea a Polyantha or a Bourbon shrub?      One fact that is certain is that it was bred from the famous white Hybrid Perpetual ‘Frau Karl Druschki’ which was considered to be the finest white rose of its time.   Frau Karl Druschki was the wife of the President of the German Rose Society. It is also believed that ‘Gruss An Aachen’ was the original rose that began the Floribunda variety. A truly remarkable rose that was bred by Philip Geduldig.  

The name ‘Gruss An Aachen’ means “Greetings to Aachen”  in Germany which was the breeders home city.   



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