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ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS (Wekuossutono) Floribunda 2004  2ft-3ft


Any rose that has been chosen as Rose Of The Year is always a good place to start when selecting roses to grow in your garden.  After all they have been tried and tested over a few years by the countries leading rose experts.   We must admit that we do not always agree with some of their choices, but in general they turn out to be excellent roses in the long run. When “Absolutely Fabulous” arrived on the scene we were delighted that a Rose Of The Year choice had been given an extremely sellable name, which is not always the case.    Many excellent roses through the years have been saddled with very plain or uninteresting names and have failed to catch the public’s attention , and consequently have only lasted a few years before disappearing forever.  A good name is paramount to a rose’s commercial success, and “Absolutely Fabulous” was an inspired choice.  As retail rose specialist’s we are always on the lookout for any new rose that comes on the market and may prove a winner.   When this rose was chosen as Rose Of The Year we were convinced that it had a very bright future, and  were pleased to be proved correct.    With such a brilliant name and voted Rose Of The Year 2010 it really caught the public’s attention and outsold every other rose on our list.  With such a high public profile we only hoped the rose would live up to it’s high reputation.    We were not disappointed.   Our first criteria in choosing a rose is health, which is always top of our check list.   There is nothing more disappointing than having a beautiful rose that is wrecked with health problems.   There were no such problems with “Absolutely Fabulous”.    In its first season on the Plant Centre there was no sign of black spot or mildew and the healthy foliage stayed absolutely spotless.    When the old fashioned style blooms appeared they were a lovely fresh yellow, shading from pale primrose on the outer edges to old gold in the centre.    The flowering period seemed to last forever and there was hardly a week all summer long  that the bush did not have plenty of  blooms.   The fragrance is a bit unusual and can be described as a combination of sweetness and liquorice.   All in all a lovely rose and a thoroughly good performer which deserves the title Rose Of The Year.You could be forgiven for thinking this rose was named after the hilarious TV show, but you would be wrong.  It was bred in the USA  by Tom Carruth and was named after the late  “Julia Childs” who was  a famous TV chef and personality.   She was recognised for introducing the American public to French cuisine through her books and TV programme The French Chef.   The rose has some excellent history behind it as it was also voted the All American Rose in 2006 which is praise indeed. The rose was brought to the UK by Keith Jones of Tarvin in Cheshire and was renamed by him.  The reason it was given the new name was very simple.  Keith was looking at the new crop in the field when they were in full bloom and stated that they looked “Absolutely Fabulous” and the new name was born.



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