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(Korvillade) Floribunda. 2000.  2ft-3ft

This beauty really took us by surprise last year.    We added it to our new list of Gold Standard Award Roses which  has become quite popular over the last year or so.

‘Red Finesse’ was bred in Germany by Kordes and is one of their  Vigorosa group which are reportedly disease resistant and very easy to maintain.   The whole group has been awarded the ADR-decoration which is the highest decoration for Garden Roses in Germany.     They have been around for a while on the continent and the USA but have only recently been introduced into the UK. They arrived in the spring with quite a tall reputation, and did not disappoint us.

What first took our eye was the extremely healthy looking  glossy foliage, and the amount of pointed dark red buds which were about to explode into bloom.   When it did flower the blooms arrived in huge clusters of glowing red ,but were almost  too numerous for the young tender branches to cope with and hung their heads a little. but what a spectacular show.    Once the first flush was over we dead headed completely and pruned back a little to toughen up the branches.  The second flush was not long in appearing and was even better than the first.  By now the branches had thickened and held the massed blooms more erect which gave the bush far more height and substance. The continuity of blooms were quite surprising, and the show went on right through the summer and into the autumn.    Dead head regularly for the best results and you will not be disappointed. This rose will really turn heads in your garden,  either as a specimen or a in a group.   It will also grow in a pot or container and give a great splash of colour on the patio.  It does not have a powerful perfume but it is very pleasant and a little spicy. Also known as “Ruby Vigorosa” AWARDS Glasgow Gold Medal 2002 Dublin Gold Medal Monza Silver Medal. Gold Standard Award 2008. Not all of the Vigorosa group have arrived in the UK but they are well worth looking out for when they hit our shores.   The other three that have arrived are “Apricot Vigorosa” Sold in this country under the name “Summer Beauty” and already awarded a Gold Standard.   “Innocencia Vigorosa” Sold in the UK as “County Of Yorkshire” and “Toscana Vigorosa” sold as “Lancashire”  and also awarded a Gold Standard.

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