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Gold Standard Rose Trials

 The Gold Standard Trials are the result of a joint initiative between professional rose breeders represented by BARB (British Association of Rose Breeders) and NIAB (National Institute of Agricultural Botany). Unlike some rose trials, breeders pay a fee for each rose variety submitted to the Gold Standard trials, independently managed by NIAB at their Cambridge headquarters.
Based on cumulative information from invited independent judges throughout the two year period of the trial, the Gold Standard is awarded to worthy varieties. Health, floriferousness, scent and commercial appeal are all considered key factors. The first trial was planted in 2004 (and judged during 2005 and 2006) with the results confirmed in autumn 2006. The second trial was concluded in autumn 2007 with a further seven roses joining the original 'magnificent seven' to give a total of fourteen varieties awarded 'Gold Standard' status. The trial that concluded in autumn 2009 produced a further thirteen Gold Standard roses. The completion in 2010 of the latest trial also adds a further thirteen roses to the 'Gold Standard Hall of Fame' making a total to date of 51Gold Standard roses. With the trials set to continue no doubt more roses will receive this accolade in the future.
Other rose trials conducted to establish the performance of new, and in some cases established, rose varieties include the International Merit Trials at the Royal National Rose Society in St Albans, the Glasgow International Trials at Tollcross Park, the Pencoed Trials in Wales, the City of Belfast International Rose Trials and, now in its 28th year, the Rose of the Year trials.
The Gold Standard roses can be viewed at Roath Park, Cardiff and at Borde Hill Garden, Haywards Heath, West Sussex.


Varietal name.  (Wekvossutono)

Floribunda. 2004.  2ft-3ft


 A terrific new rose which certainly lives up to its name and deserves the title,  'Rose Of The Year 2010' Delightful old fashioned style blooms, shading from pale primrose at the out edges to old gold in the center.    Has an excellent repeat flowering habit and flowers from early summer well into the autumn and the first frosts.A lovely and interesting fragrance which is a very unusual combination of sweetness and liquorice. Will grow in the garden or a large container and has pale green shiny leaves which look superbly healthy. As with most roses it will do best in full sun and for the best show dead head regularly. This rose really does tick all the boxes.  Keep it well fed and watered and it will look 'Absolutely Fabulous' throughout the summer. AWARDS All American Rose Selection. Rose Of The Year 2010 Has also recently been awarded GOLD STANDARD AWARD WINNER 2010 Also known as Julia Childs in the USA Bred by Tom Carruth. USA Use in. Borders.  Mixed Planting.  Large Beds.  Small Beds.  Containers. Full details on our web site.





Climbing Rose.  2006.  8ft Varietal name.  (Chewalibaba)


 Another small climber from the Chris Warner stable who has been so succesful with his Patio Climbers in recent years.

The bloom colour is a little difficult to describe but looks like coppery orange with red blends.

The ruffled blooms come in clusters from early summer until the first frosts, and as with most of these small climbers they have plenty of blooms from top to bottom.

A versatile rose as it can cope with a North or South wall, and grow in the garden or a large container.

Healthy glossy foliage and excellent disease resistance.

Has won numerous awards including the Lyon Fragrance award for its rich fruity fragrance. One of the best little climbing roses around.


Full details on our web site




Hybrid Tea  2006.  2ft-3ft Varietal name. (Tan80047)

A very beautiful Hybrid Tea rose which certainly lives up to its name.

Stunning blooms of pale pink and apricot blends in abundance.

The blooms are weather resistant and hold their colour and form well, right through the summer, and look superb at any time during their flowering season.

The tough leathery mid green foliage sets the roses off to perfection, and the whole effect is one of great beauty.

As an added bonus the bush has excellent health, good disease resistance and a lovely spicy fragrance.

Not very tall for a Hybrid Tea so can be grown in a container as a specimen rose or looks great as a group in the garden.

To cap it all it makes a great cut rose for indoors as the fragrant blooms last well in water.

Highly recommended.

In Greek mythology 'Aphrodite' was the Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality.

AWARDS Belfast Certificate Of Merit  2008. Glasgow International Rose Trials Gold Medal 2009 GOLD STANDARD AWARD WINNER 2008 APHRODITE  (Tan00847)

Bred by Rosen Tantau.  Germany..

Use.  Mixed Planting.  Large Beds.  Small Beds.  Containers.  Cut Roses.

Full details on our web site




Shrub Rose. 1981.  3ft-4ft Varietal name.  (Meidomonac)


 Every garden should have this delightful rose.

It bears sprays of clear rose pink flowers at different levels on a neat, spreading plant of modest size, covered in abundant rich green foliage  that is attractive even before flowering starts.

Once it does start, there is hardly any time that the plant is out of bloom until the winter frosts.

The flowers are full of small petals and are cupped in form.

For a specimen plant or a group, or to form a low mounded hedge, 'Bonica' is a lovely rose to have and a good one to recommend to people who say they"cant grow roses", for its constitution and health are excellent. Scented. Highly Recommended

Also known as 'Demon' & 'Bonica 82'

Bred by Meillans.  France.


Anerkannte Deutsche Rose 1983

Belfast Certificate Of Merit 1983

All American Rose Selection 1987

Royal Horticultural Society Award Of Garden Merit 1993

'Bonica' was voted the Wiorld's Favourite Rose by the World Federation Of Rose Societies.  The Federation also entered the rose into the Society's Rose Hall Of Fame in 2003 an honour shared with just  13  other roses.

BONICA Has also been awarded the GOLD STANDARD AWARD  2010  Use in. Borders. Mixed Planting. Large Beds.

Full details on our web site




Floribunda .  2002.  2ft-3ft Varietal name.  (Korvanaber)

Rose Of The Year 2006


A beautiful  Floribunda rose with an abundance of pale pink blooms with apricot centres.   

Good glossy foliage with exceptional disease resistance.  

Makes a great gift for any Special Occasion but looks absolutely stunning in the garden.  

Dead head regularly to promote new blooms right through the summer.    A bit of TLC will give great rewards.

A superb rose with a lovely fragrance which deserves the title

"Rose Of The Year"

In our opinion this is one of the best Floribunda roses  in recent years,


CHAMPAGNE MOMENT  (Korvanaber) Use in.  Borders. Mixed Planting. Large Beds.

Full details on our web site



Hybrid Tea.  2005.  3ft

Varietal name.  (Harmisty)

 A very beautiful Hybrid Tea with an abundance of exquisite apricot pink blend blooms with a deeper centre.

Strong and healthy upright growth and the blooms repeat well throughout the season.

Lovely glossy mid green foliage with excellent disease resistance.

A wonderful fruity spicy perfume.

In our opinion one of the best Hybrid Tea roses bred in recent years and looks all set to become a great favourite with rose enthusiasts.



Bred by Harkness Roses in the UK

Also winner of the Glasgow Internation Rose Trials Fragrance Award 2007.

Named for the Royal Society Of Medicine to commemorate their Bicentenary year.




Climbing Rose. 2004. 8ft-10ft Varietal Name. (Fryfestoon)

Large beautifully shaped blooms of bright pink with a continuous flowering habit.

It always seems to be in flower and the blooms keep coming right through until the autumn.

In our opinion one of the nicest climbing roses to arrive on the market for some while. 

Plenty of large, dark green, semi glossy foliage with a good health record.

A very attractive rose with a good perfume.

A super rose to have either side of the front or back door.

Will grow on a South or North facing wall.


DANCING QUEEN  (Fryfestoon)

Bred by Fryers Roses .UK.


Mamma Mia,   Super Trouper.

Full details on our web site



Floribunda. 2006.  2ft-3ft

Varietal name.  (Fryjeru)


An easy to grow and trouble free rose which produces a very colourful display in the garden or container.

Repeats well right through the summer with stunning salmon pink blooms in clusters.

Dark green glossy foliage which looks superbly healthy and has excellent disease resistance.

If you are looking for a good splash of colour in the garden you won't beat this one.

An award winning rose with a pleasing fragrance.


FREE SPIRIT  (Fryjeru)


Bred by Fryers Roses. UK.

Full details on our web site



Climbing Rose. 2005.  10ft-12ft

Varietal Name. (Chewability)


A new addition to our climbing range from the Chris Warner stable. 

Mr Warner has bred many prize winning roses over the last few years such as the ever popular 'Warm Welcome'   'Gloriana' and 'Love Knot'


This climber looks another winner with masses of buttercup yellow scented blooms  which cover this attractive climber and looks sure to be popular.   

The new growth is fresh green with reddish tints and is easily trainable horizontaly to achieve more flowering. 

 Good disease resistance and well worth a spot in any rose garden.

Highly scented.


Bred by Chris Warner. UK.




Full details on our web site





Patio Rose 2007.   18ins-2ft Varietal Name.  (Dichimanher)

 A new addition to our Patio collection and a tribute to one of the best Footballers of all time.   

Large clusters of dazzling small bright red flowers with dark green glossy leaves.

The bloom production for a small Patio rose is quite amazing and prolific.

Good long flowering period and a pleasant fragrance.   Needs no deadheading.  Suitable for the garden or container.


GEORGE BEST  (Dichimanher)

Since 2006 a few roses are selected each year for this prestigious award.   Based on cumulative information from invited independent judges, the Gold Standard is awarded to worthy varieties. 

Health,  floriferousness,  scent and commercial appeal are all considered key factors in the final choice.

Also Best Patio Rose. Belfast 2009

Bred by Colin Dickson. UK  2007

George Best.  1946  -  2005 A royalty for each rose sold will benefit the Foundation set up in his name.

Full details of all our roses can be seen on our web site









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