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ARGENTINA   Rose Society Of Argentina    2010


Asociación Argentina de Rosicultura, (A.A.R.) The Rose Society of Argentina

Juan Francisco Seguí 3949 2° D Cidudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires Argentina Tel/Fax: +54 11-4803-5067 Tel: +54 11-4665-0591 Email: [email protected] President - Mrs. Nilda Crivelli

Members meet once a month. At these meetings a guest speaker gives a talk on a rose-related subject. An annual Magazine is published and, since 1998, biannual bulletins are also published.

The highlight of the year is the Spring Show, which is held toward the end of October. There will be no Autumn Show this year. Instead, in April we will have a non-competitive educational exhibition to show the public how to grow roses here and how to use roses in the landscape. We also offer our members visits to private gardens, nurseries and museums.

To date we have four branches in the interior of Argentina. These are in Córdoba, Mar del Plata, Mendoza and San Juan. They also hold annual shows.

Fees: Regular Member: $180.00 Associate Member: $50.00 Professional: $180.00 Branch members: $50.00 One time initiation fee: $50.00


AUSTRALIA    Rose Society Of Australia.  2010

 The National Rose Society of Australia

82 Para Road Tanunda SA 5352 Australia Tel: +61 (08) 8563 0521 Email: [email protected] Honorary Secretary - Mrs. Mary Frick President - Mr. Tony Stallwood

The National Rose Society of Australia is comprised of five State Rose Societies. It is the practice for each State of Australia to provide the President of The National Rose Society of Australia in succession on an annual basis.

We request that any correspondence be directed to the Honorary Secretary, who will distribute it promptly to our five State organizations.

Each State Society conducts an annual Spring Rose Show and an Autumn Rose Show. Owing to very wide differences in the climates of our States, the timetables for these events vary as follows:

Spring Shows: Queensland early October
  New South Wales mid to late October
  Victoria early November
  South Australia October
  Western Australia October
Autumn Shows: Queensland May
  New South Wales March and April
  Victoria April
  South Australia April
  Western Australia April

In 2010 our Annual General Meeting will be held October 3 in Spring Hill, Queensland in conjunction with the Austrialian Rose Championships 2010. Please see for further details.

There are many gardens in Australia. Some are open from Spring to Autumn. Others open very rarely, and a number are by appointment only. Please contact the National Secretary for lists of Gardens and Nurseries and their open dates.

AUSTRIA.    Rose Society Of Austria.   2010

 Österreichische Rosenfreunde in der Österreichischen Gartenbau-Gesellschaft

Siebeckstraße 14/Top 1.4 A-1220 Vienna Austria Tel: +43 1 512 84 16 Fax: +43 1 512 84 16/17 Email: [email protected] President - Herr OAR Ing. Hardo Libowitsky Secretary - Frau Ing. Elisabeth Kalous

All members of local rose societies in Austria belong to the Austrian Horticultral Society. They receive the society magazine, Garten Haus, and can attend the monthly meetings and lectures held by the "ÖGG-Fachgruppe Rosen und Ziergehölze". These are held on the fourth Monday of every month and are led by Gerhard Stolz. Members also have free use of the lending library, which contains 7000 volumes, and have access to expert information on roses.

Fees: Regular: € 47,50 Foreign members: € 57,50



BELGIUM   Belgian Rose Society  2010

Société Royale Nationale "Les Amis de la Rose" Koninklijke Nationale Maatschappij "De Vrienden van de Roos"

Jesuitenwegel 5 B-9090 Melle Belgium Email: [email protected] Honorary President - La Baronne Lily de Gerlache de Gomery President -Mr. Frans Thomas Secretary - Mrs. Lily Van Laethem

With the aim of encouraging all activities concerning knowledge and love of roses, Mr. Georges van Oost founded the Society in 1926.

Special events, organised visits to rose gardens and lectures are all communicated to our members via our Newsletters. Members also receive one publication a year, called Rosa Belgica, with many articles and information concerning the Rose.

The Society supports rose trials and all other events concerning the Rose. We were one of the founding members of the World Federation of Rose Societies.

Both professional rosarians and amateurs are members of the Society.

BERMUDA.   Bermuda Rose Society.   2010

 The Bermuda Rose Society

P.O. Box PG 162 Paget PG BX Bermuda Tel: +1 441293-2685 Email: [email protected] Website: President -Mrs. Essie Hans Secretary - To be advised We have about 100 active members. Since Bermuda is an island about 700 miles from the U.S. coastline in the Atlantic Ocean, remote from other influences, it has been called a living museum of roses. Roses were brought to the island by ships travelling from all over the world. Our main goal is to protect Bermuda's rose heritage. We are mainly interested in Old Garden Roses. Each year the Bermuda Rose Society raises about 500 slips of our Old Garden Roses, which we sell - this is a major fund raising activity of the Society. We also donate some to Government and to the Bermuda National Trust for parks and gardens. The Society meets monthly from October through May, usually on the first Friday of the month at the Horticultural Hall in the Bermuda Botanical Gardens in Paget. Besides the business of the Society there is a monthly competition of cut roses and rose arrangements, and often a guest speaker. The Bermuda Rose Society usually invites one overseas guest speaker each year. Any rosarian visitors are welcome to attend. The Society is working on a revision and update of our rose book, Roses in Bermuda, which was published in 1997 and now is completely sold out. The Society maintains a Repository Garden of Old Garden Roses in the grounds of Waterville, the headquarters of the Bermuda National Trust. It is also a participant in the Earthkind Project. The roses we have chosen for this are 'Vincent Godsiff', 'Smith's Parish', 'Spice', 'Maitland White','Mutabilis' and 'Carefree Beauty'. As a prerequisite for membership, all persons must attend two meetings prior to submitting an application which is supported by two existing members. We do not accept foreign membership. The Society issues approximately four newsletters per session for its members. Fees:$30.00 per year Life Membership: $250 (may be applied for after 10 years)


CANADA   Canadian Rose Society


The Canadian Rose Society  2010

116 Belsize Drive Toronto, Ontario M4S 1L7 Canada Tel: +1 416 485-5907 Email: [email protected] President: Shari-Lynn Safir

The Rose Society of Ontario was founded in 1913 in Toronto by a group of dedicated ladies. Men were admitted in 1918, and by 1954 membership had spread across the country. To reflect that fact our name was officially changed to the Canadian Rose Society.

We have members from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and from the 49th parallel in the south to the Northwest Territories in the north. Because our members are so widely spread out, our publications are a very important link. The Rose Annual is published in September, the magazine, The Rosarian, is published once a year and the newsletter, The CommPoster is published five times a year

Regular: $20 Electronic - $15)
Family: $25 (Electronic - $20)
Affiliate Society: $30 (Electronic - $25)
Institutes & Nurseries: $30 (Electronic - $25)
US: $35 US funds (Electronic - $30 US funds)
Foreign (other than US): $50 US funds (Electronic - $30 US funds)

   When the Roses Bloom


Area & First Bloom Date Main Bloom Date
Vancouver, Victoria and Lower Mainland of British Columbia - May 15 June 18
British Columbia interior - June 10 July 1-9
Calgary, Alberta - May 28 July 1-15
Edmonton, Alberta - June 10 July 1-9
Saskatchewan and Manitoba - June 20 June 30-July 9
Southern Ontario - May 28 June 20-30
Northern Ontario - June 10 July 1-9
Montreal, Quebec - June 5 June 15-July10
Prince Edward Island - June 20 July 8-16
Halifax and most of Nova Scotia - June 10 July 8-16



CHILE   Rose Society Of Chile  2010


Asociación Chilena de la Rosa

Santa Blanca 2181 Lo Barnechea, Santiago Chile Fax: +56 2-217.0264 Email: [email protected] President - Mrs.María Teresa Eyzaguirre Secretary - Gisela Ávila Solari

The Asociación Chilena de la Rosa was established in 1998. It has about 30 active members, mainly in the central part of Chile. We hope to add more members from other parts of our long country by spreading knowledge about roses and increasing interest in the cultivation of roses around the country.

During the winter of 2000 we planted a large bed of Large Flowered Roses in Rosedal Parque Araucano in the Municipality of Las Condes. This rose garden is mainly maintained and supervised by members of our Society.


When the Roses Bloom



Area & First Bloom Date Main Bloom Date



CHINA.  China Rose Society.  2010


China Rose Society

c/o Beijing Botanic Garden Wofosi Road, Xiangshan Beijing 10093 Peoples Republic of China Tel: +86 10 62591283 Fax: +86 10 82596707 Email: [email protected] Mr. Zhao Shiwei - Secretary General

The China Rose Society was established in November, 1986 and is named after Rosa chinensis. It is based in Laizhou City in the province of Shandong, which is located in the central region of China, west of the Yellow Sea. The region has four seasons and the climate is very mild. The city is famous as the home of the Chinese rose, which also grows all over the nation. In fact, 52 cities now have the Rose as their official flower.

The China Rose Society has seven Vice-Presidents, each representing different areas of the country, and one federal Vice-President. It promotes the exchange of scientific information, production and research. More than 700 varieties of roses have been identified in China and the China Rose Society recently published a Rose Directory. A major centre for research and the development of new rose varieties has been set up in the suburbs of Beijing. In addition, five other centres have been set up around the country. Together they form a national system to assist with the registration and identification of roses and with new Chinese varieties entering the world market.

An Annual Rose Festival has been held in Laizhou every May 25 since 1990, and you are all cordially invited to attend. The China Rose Society also publishes an annual magazine.


Czech Republic


Rosa klub CR/Czech Rosa Club

Ceskomalinská 17, CZ-160 00 Praha 6 Czech Republic Tel: +420 226 518 194 Email: [email protected] OR [email protected] President and Secretary, Dr. Josef Thomas (at above address)

The Czech ROSA CLUB was founded in 1968 in Prague as a specialized group of the Czech Union of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners (CUALG). It now has approximately 300 members across the country.

Its bulletin, Zpravodaj, is published twice a year. An Annual Meeting is held in late winter and a Summer Meeting is also held.

The International Contest of New Roses at Hradec Králové is organized by the Czech Rosa Club and financed by the municipal authorities. For more information contact Dr. Stanislav Konštacký at [email protected]

However, we are happy to report that the world renowned Rose Park at Lidice, which is part of the Memorial for the village of Lidice (, destroyed by the Nazis in 1942, was reconstructed in 2002 with the aid of international support.

Fees: 100 CZK,   Seniors - 80 CZK




Det Danske Rosenselskab/The Danish Rose Society (DDRS)

Strandvej 41-1 DK-4220 Korsør Denmark Tel: +45 23 110 118 Fax: +45 75 685 746 Email: [email protected] President - Mrs. Inger Schierning

The Danish Rose Society magazine, RosenNyt, is issued in March, June, September and December.

Fees: Single - 290 DKK (plus 50 DKK enrolment fee) Double - 435 DKK (plus 50 DKK enrolment fee)



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