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1.   The first Hybrid Tea Rose produced was ‘La France’ in 1867.   2.   In the early nineteenth century rose petals were boiled in white wine as a cure for      lead poisoning from bullet wounds.   3.   June is the National Rose Month in the USA.   4.   A thornless rose signifies love at first sight.   5.   In the seventeenth century, dried rose petals in tincture or powder form were used to relieve heavy menstruation and other  bleedings.   6.   The name “Centifolia” means “100 petals”.   7.   Empress Josephine of France often carried a rose in her hand to raise to her lips when smiling, as she was very sensitive about her imperfect teeth.   8.   The word ‘Rosary’, comes from the Latin rosarium, meaning ‘Rose Garden’ or ‘Garland Of Roses’ .   9.   According to Biblical stories, there was a white rose that grew in the Garden of Eden and turned red as it blushed with shame upon Adam and Eve's fall from grace.   10.            Research done in Jerusalem has shown that Viagra can increase vase life of a rose by an additional 5 – 7 days.

  La France. 1867

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